National Round of Applause on Thursday – but NO FIREWORKS please!

The show of solidarity with our Carers, NHS and other essential workers looks set to happen again on Thursday 8pm with a NATIONAL ROUND OF APPLAUSE from our gardens, doorways and windows – but we do have a special appeal – please DO NOT SET OFF FIREWORKS.

Dog owners who also support the clapping for our carers have said about the stress caused to their animals. One local resident writes:

“We are front line workers. We love the support for the NHS at the 8pm clap for NHS etc. But can I request people not to use fireworks. The pets are frightened and on top of the stress from work, having to sort and care for our pets as well is frustrating.”

So respect our no fireworks appeal, please.

Share our information about getting help to the people that need it, please!

Getting the support and help to people in need during the Coronavirus crisis

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