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Hedon Sports Committee, early 1960’s

THIS PHOTOGRAPH has been sent in by Malc Ripley and is of the Hedon Sports Committee that was meeting in the early 1960’s. If you are able to help Malc with his reminiscences about this photo, leave a blog comment…

WE’RE glad to report that Malc’s back with one of his Ripley’s Reminiscences!

THIS PHOTOGRAPH has been sent in by Malc Ripley and is of the Hedon Sports Committee that was meeting in the early 1960’s.

“This Committee composed of Hedon British Legion Officers, The Hedon Women’s Institute
plus members of the South Holderness Cricket Club (SHCC), where the two-day event, usually in August of various ‘Sports’ was held over a period of roughly fifteen years, on the Middle Lane ground, before due to changing times, it was finally abandoned.

“It was always a popular time of year for the local community, mainly for the children, but Men’s Tug Of War teams participated, together with a Pet Show, just held for one year.

Hedon Sports Committee early 1960s M Ripley
Back row:- (L to R),
Fred (‘Rask’) Hopper, Walter (‘Ginger’ ) Norrison, Tom Ribee, Reg (‘Buckrat’) Skinner , Harold (Ducky’)Rudd, Unknown, Jack (‘Happy’) Hunter.

Middle Row:-
Norman ‘(Squeaker’ ) Hodgson, Stan Scott, Bill Fussey , Alderman, John (‘Johnnie’) JJ Warne, S T (‘Sid’), Johnson, OBE JP, Cec (‘Shiseh’), Beet, John (‘Johnnie’) Frankland, Unknown, Herbert (‘Bert’) Horseman, Unknown, Unknown.

Mrs J Ford, Mrs WH Rudd, Mrs Maud Beet, Mrs Agnes Scarah, Mrs Mary Hopper, Unknown, Alfred (‘Titch’ ) Wilson.

“Messrs Hopper, Norrison, Ribee, Skinner, Hodgson, and Warne, all played cricket for SHCC, plus the well-liked Sid Johnson, who was the Headmaster at Hedon County Primary Schools on Market Hill for 30+ years. He was a councillor as well as Mayor, and also found the time to be the Chairman, Hon. Treasurer, a Trustee and an Umpire with the cricket club, albeit he never actually played the game. Nicknamed at school ‘Gaffer’, he lived with his wife Molly, son Gordon, daughter Kay, in Kings Place off George St.

“Fred ‘Rask’ Hopper still holds the SHCC Club record with his very accurate almost square arm bowling action, having 105 dismissals for the 1st XI in 1949. The nearest to approach this, being Jack Hill with 81 victims in 1971. It is extremely doubtful if Rask’s feat will ever be surpassed! He took on the role as a Groundsman, acted occasionally as Scorer and Umpire.

“Left handed batsman, W ‘Ginger’ Norrison scored the first century on the present ground, with 105 not out in 1956, against Newland Parish Church CC. Also captaining the Club, (formed in 1882) for seven summers. Ginger was a self-employed electrician.

“Tom Ribee joined SHCC from Reckitts CC, where he worked as an Engineer, going on to become a feared, accurate quick bowler, his best return being 8 for 42 v Ellerman Wilson Line. After back trouble curtailed his Umpiring career in 1962, after he retired from playing, his injury led myself to being thrown into the fray to take over the officiating role from him.

“Harold Rudd, who lived on New Road, was a hard-working, popular, and long serving Hon. Secretary of the Hedon British Legion Club, he was self-employed as a poulterer.

“Jack Hunter, was a bachelor, living in Lambert Park Road, with his mother and another two unmarried brothers Tom and Ron. He worked for a time at Johnson’s Garage.

“Reg Skinner was a first change bowler with the local club, a School Teacher in Preston.

“NN Hodgson, managed Carrick’s Provisions shop in Amethyst Road in Hull, his sporting and organisational talents allowing him to Captain the An XI, in 1951 for a record thirteen seasons, his lack of natural playing abillty easily overcome by his sheer enthusiasm. Also being a Groundsman, Social and Fixture Secretary (and for 29 summers), acted also as a Scorer. In addition, he regularly organised the Ladies Cricket Tea rotas, even telling these willing helpers when their Tea date was due, rarely did any of them dare to give ‘NN’ a back word! One of, if not the, best worker, the old-established Club has ever had.

“JJ Warne, would run NN close the this honour within SHCC, as he could turn his hand to most things on the administrative side of cricket, playing a big part in getting the Club up-and-running again after World War II, acting as a Guarantor when the Middle Lane ground was purchased in 1936, as well as being well-known to dip in his pocket when funds were low. A useful wicket-keeper, not many ‘Byes’ going past him! His additional talents included – Club Chairman, Treasurer, An Xl skipper, Scorer & Umpire. Also stood as a local Councillor, holding office as the Mayor of Hedon four years into the bargain. Jonnie was employed by Fields (Provisions) in Hull.

“Herbert Horseman worked for many years at the Hedon Co–op, living in George Street, also a staunch British Legion Member.

“Stan Scott served time as a well liked Steward with the Hedon BL Club.

“John Frankland was a long serving, very well-known wholesale local butcher, and was a President/ Chairman of the British Legion Club.

“Bill Fussey, despite only having one arm, managed an allotment near the Holderness drain.

“Mrs Joyce Ford lived on New Road, being a Hedon County Primary School dinner lady for some years, Mrs Annie Rudd helped husband Harold with his business, Mrs Agnes Scarah was the Caretaker of the Town Hall, living with husband Harry, in the cottage at the rear of the Town Hall, this now houses the Hedon Museum.

“Mrs Mary Hopper was the House keeper for the Clarkson family who resided in Sheriff Hall, whilst Fred was their Gardener/ Handy man.

“Alf Wilson lived in Charles St.”


8 thoughts on “Hedon Sports Committee, early 1960’s

  1. My Dad was Bill Fussey. He very sadly passed away in 1959 at the age of 40.
    I miss him so much. He was such a lovely, kind man with a great sense of humour. He was injured in WW2 at the battle of Tobruk and had to have his right arm amputated. He coped so well with his disability. He would not let any task beat him.

  2. The unidentified lady on the front row might be Mrs Frances Allan, who lived at the end house on the Thorn’ Road bend – might have had the duck pond mentioned in another recent blog feature.

    1. Thanks Jim,
      I ought to have known/remembered, as Mrs Allon ( sorry but NOT ALLAN), was a friend of my mum Gladys for some years. Her & Sam’s house was called “Locarno”, but apparently the duck/fish pond adjacent was later contaminated, as a result many fish perished……………………

  3. Loved seeing this picture and the mention of my grandad S T Johnson a former Lord Mayor of Hedon.

    Whilst he didn’t play cricket he was a big fan. The first colour TV I ever watched was BBC2 cricket at his house in Kings Place – the Sunday afternoon John Player League. I visited Kings Place regularly and Molly remained there until her death. My father Gordon died in 2004 but Kay is still alive and lives in Sussex.

    ST longed for Hull City to play in the then ‘First Division’. He never saw it happen. Both him and my father Gordon would have been ‘over the moon’ to see City get to the Premier League in 2008 and a Wembley Cup Final in 2014. As a third generation Hull City fan I share their passion. I began the http://www.tigerlink.co.uk social media group which promotes all things Hull, and do regular media slots, for example Hull Kingston Radio Hull City Fans Forum. I will be doing Radio Humberside’s ‘Sportstalk’ with James Hoggarth this evening.

    As a youngster I attended ST’s ‘Freedom of the Borough ceremony’ in Hedon. My grandad was immensely proud of this. Is there any record of it anywhere.

    Best Wishes to all who have links to this item and congratulations to all who contribute to the excellent Hedon Blog.

    1. Peter,

      Thanks for your interest, “Gaffer” as many of us nicknamed him, was a popular man, don’t think folk ever had a bad word for him! I once got though, with two others, got ‘three of the best ‘ on the hand for flicking the silver coloured milk bottle tops about. He laid it on, but never any ill feelings.
      Did the Cane ever effect any of us – definitely NOT!

      He stood no nonsense but was always very fair. Cricket wise, with SHCC, he once gave me out plumb LBW third ball, as he umpired a couple of seasons

      Other Teachers at the time being Miss Cass – became Robson, – ‘Fanny’ Farnaby, Harold ‘Rubberneck’ Cox, Doug ‘Sprig’ Lacey , Margaret Raper – (I think I was her “Pet”?!!), plus a Mr Vic? Marks, and a Miss Gibson.
      Pleased to hear that Kay is still around, albeit down South.
      Cheers, Malc.

    2. Very pleased to hear news of Kay. We were in the same class at Withernsea High School and played together in the girls’ cricket team. The PE/Games teacher who introduced girls’ cricket to WHS also lives in Hedon and the team captain still lives in Withernsea. Happy days.

      1. Nora,
        Cheers for that, Muriel Stott (nee Nettleton) practically worked as hard as Doug Beal at WHS, with her cricket team in the summer months, as you correctly say, (I will fish out the photo of these girls shortly), plus her hockey winter charges. Incidentally, who was the Captain of the cricket team, please?

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