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“Do something that many people in the world wish they could – Vote!”

vote imageIt is Thursday 7th May 2015. It’s 7am – and THE POLLING STATIONS are OPEN. They will remain open until 10pm tonight!

Registered Electors in Hedon have the opportunity to VOTE TODAY in the General Election and East Riding Local Elections. Additionally there are Hedon Town Council Elections.

The Rev. Susan Walker makes a special appeal for you to use your vote.

“Like many deaneries around the country the churches held a Hustings for the General Election on Thursday 30th April 2015 in Hedon Church. Obviously this is not because the churches and church people want to sponsor one particular party, but because it is important to have a debate about what sort of country we want to live in and how this might be achieved.

Rev Susan Walker-001It is, of course, only human to vote for the party that seems to offer the most to us personally but we should always think of others as well. Our faith teaches us that we should have a care and concern for the vulnerable among us; a duty to our neighbour. No party will be able to keep all the promises of its manifesto and indeed may even modify some of them in response to public opinion. We might criticize our system of government but Churchill reminded us that Democracy is said to be the worst form of Government except for all the others. We all have just one vote but it is important that we all use it. Many people suffered so that we can have the vote and many elsewhere in the world envy us for it.

“Some of you may be thinking that you will be glad when the election is over. It is easy to feel cynical about politicians; their behaviour is under constant scrutiny so some of them are bound to be caught out. It sometimes seems that they either make promises they cannot keep or they are so bland that they do not actually say anything.

“Religion tells us that everything we do or don’t do in life affects other people. Voting is both a right and a privilege but it is also a responsibility. We should remember those who worked hard and sometimes suffered so that we can have our say. It may not be much of a say but each vote counts the same whether it is carefully considered or just given to the party we have always supported.

“So do vote on May 7th. You have the chance to do something that many people in the world wish they had. You may not end up with the result that you want but at least you will have played your part. “

Rev. Susan Walker (Rural Dean).

Polling takes place from 7am – 10pm.

Polling stations in South West Holderness will be at:

  • Hedon Methodist Church, Church Lane
  • Kingstown Hotel (Car Park mobile unit)
  • Preston Community Hall, Paull Village Hall
  • Thorngumbald Village Hall

Refer to your polling card.

6 thoughts on ““Do something that many people in the world wish they could – Vote!”

  1. Have to say it was organised chaos in the Methodist Church, I didn’t understand why the different tables and ballot boxes. Well done all the staff in there, I’m sure they had a testing time.

  2. Those wanting to take ‘selfies’ of yourself voting will be disappointed – NO PHOTOGRAPHY allowed in the polling station and MOBILE PHONES need to be switched off!

  3. People were actually queuing up to vote this morning outside the Hedon Methodist Church at 7am. Half an hour later at 7:30am it was still very busy at that polling station with lots of rosette wearing Labour supporters present who were already ferrying people backwards and forwards to vote! UKIP’s local candidate was also there too keeping a close eye on the scene.

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