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Hedon Town Council attendance figures

THERE has been some public interest in the run up to the Hedon Town Council elections in obtaining the attendance figures for current Councillors during their term of office…

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THERE has been some public interest in the run up to the Hedon Town Council elections in obtaining the attendance figures for current Councillors during their term of office. These would have revealed the number of meetings that it was possible to attend, and the numbers actually attended.

At the Hedon Town Council (Finance & General Purposes) meeting on 26th February 2015 an item about publishing councillors attendance figures was discussed with the outcome listed as “No further action.”

A subsequent Freedom of Information request for this information resulted in the following reply:

“Further to your request under the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act 2000 “information accessible to the applicant by other means” I respond as follows:-

“With regard to the total number of possible attendances for each member during their time in office (main committees only) and total number of actual attendances for each – I refer you to the Hedon Town Council website where you can view/download Minutes (link added by Editor) relating to each main committee meeting for all meetings that took place which show who actually attended each meeting– the meetings are broken down into individual committees and years.”

Hedon Town Council did offer the facility to inspect attendance sheets, a count of which would have shown the total number of meetings and a tally could be kept of each councillor’s attendance. However, within the time available it hasn’t been possible for the Hedon Blog to collate this information.

Therefore the only information we hold on Councillors’ attendance at meetings since the last elections (2011) is that published by Hedon Town Council in 2013.


Note: asterisk * denotes these candidates not standing in the current Hedon Town Council election:

Councillor Meetings attended out of 70  Percentage attended
G Thurston  70  100%
A Marshall  67  96%
J Dennis  61  87%
*J Lindop  60  86%
D Thompson  52  74%
B Goldspink  51  73%
*A Suggit  51  73%
N Black  50  71%
M Bryan  50  71%
D Storr  38  54%
*S Jordan  33  47%
*T Goldspink  14  20%

The role of Councillor – according to ERNLLCA (East Riding and North Lincolnshire Local Councils Association) – takes up an average of about three hours a week. There are some councillors who spend more time than this, and some less according to their own personal circumstances and commitments.

Being a local councillor is an essential way of contributing to your local community and helping to make it a better place to live and work. Therefore, those that take on this voluntary commitment, at whatever level of commitment they can give, deserve our admiration and support.

It must be a healthy sign that there is a current competition for places on the council in the form of the election on 7th May 2015.


Since the last election we have seen the following elected and co-opted changes to the council’s 12-strong membership:

Elections May 2011
A Suggit – elected – resigned November 2013
S Jordan – elected – resigned February 2013
M Bryan – elected
J Dennis – elected
B Goldspink – elected
A Marshall – elected
F Norman – elected – resigned October 2011
T Goldspink – elected
J Lindop – elected – resigned November 2013
G Thurston – elected
N Black – elected
D Storr – elected

D Thompson – co-opted November 2011
S Rommell – elected May 2013
T West – elected February 2014
C Billany – elected February 2014

5 thoughts on “Hedon Town Council attendance figures

  1. The Councillors do sacrifice a great amount of time I for one could not commit to it. However is it fair that some Councillors are contributing considerably less in respect to the meetings. I propose a cut off of attendance under 75% any councilor under this mark shouldn’t be allowed to continue as a councilor as they clearly do not have the sufficient time.

  2. There was an interesting article in The Times this week about the flack that politicians get from the electorate; not reasoned arguments but barracking, abuse and even assault. Whether you agree with their policies or not, you have to respect the amount of work that goes in to serving the public, be it at as an MP or local councillor. It seems to be a thankless task! Our council gives up a huge amount of personal time to run this town, and there are plenty ready to moan about them who would be unwilling to commit to the task themselves. I know I couldn’t put in the hours our councillors do!

  3. Neil Black and I both voted that the attendance records should be published.
    I’m not even on the list above and I have 100 percent attendance.

  4. Thanks for your efforts Ray, so what they said to me at a public meeting late 2014 that they cannot see a problem in publishing figures since the last election they have reneged on, the figures end Feb 2013. So we have no knowledge of the true figures and in one councilors case they may be a lot worse than shown. As Cllr Bryan said at that public meeting we are an open and honest council ?

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