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Petition for new Bollards in Hedon Market Place

UPDATE – STRAW POLL: We the undersigned call on the East Riding of Yorkshire Council to safeguard the pedestrians of Hedon by installing parking Bollards in Hedon centre.

Car crash 24th March 2015

FOLLOWING the accident in Hedon Market Place on 24th March 2015 when a pedestrian was struck by a car which apparently lurched forward crashing into Cooplands Bakery rather than reversing from its parking spot, a petition has been started seeking new bollards to installed to prevent such an accident happening again.

We the undersigned call on the East Riding of Yorkshire Council to safeguard the pedestrians of Hedon by installing parking Bollards in Hedon centre.

Started by Victoria Whittaker – who was the injured person in the accident and who says she was left “needing surgery and unable to walk” – the e-petition is available through Go Petition at the following link:

Bollards in Hedon Center Petition | GoPetition

In response to comments (see below) we are running a STRAW POLL on the Bollards in Hedon Market Place. There is also a form to complete to tell us the REASONS why you voted as you did. The  results of the poll will be available instantly but your reasons will not be published (you can use comments for that) but instead will be sent on to the councillors elected after 7th May for their consideration.

POLL CLOSED 12th May 2015


16 thoughts on “Petition for new Bollards in Hedon Market Place

  1. JUST to give notice that we shall be closing this straw poll and collection of comments tomorrow morning (Tues 12th May 2015) at 9am.

    The REASONS for and against that people have kindly submitted will all be emailed to our three Ward Councillors and to Hedon Town Council, who I’m sure will enter the comments into any consultation on the bollards.

    We will summarise the arguments and points in an article on the Blog.

    Thank you to all those that have taken part in this debate.

  2. There needs to be enough bollards at a vehicle cannot fit between them, parking out side the Post Office and HSBC is out of hand, yesterday a white transit van was parked over the path outside the CoOp.

  3. I dont agree with the fitting of bollards, bollards would reduce the area for residents to walk and cause problems between pedestrians and the increasing use of mobility scooters. A better solution would be raised kerb stones, there is more than enough room for these to be fitted whilst leaving the wide path.

    1. I would rather have ‘less area to walk on’ and take my chance of been bumped into by an elderly pedestrian than a car mounting the path.

      I don’t think a raised kerb would have stopped the last driver going on the path, we need bollards or even railings. (Let’s just think about the time it happened 15.20….just a little later it would have been a group of children from South Holderness and not just one victim.)

      The problem of mobility scooters is an other issue – one which would be best solved with education and a little common sense.

    2. Why do the bollards have to take up room on pavement surely they could be erected on road along side pavement. This would still leave ample room for cars parking

      1. You are right Helen, if the Bollards are placed where you suggest, the front end of some vehicles which park there would not project fifteen inches or so over on to the footpath, as they do at present.
        Providing they are spaced close enough together where you suggest, and maybe decorative, I suggest they would soon become an acceptable part of the Market Place scene.

    3. How on earth can you even begin to disagree with the idea of fitting bollards? Its for the general safety of the public something that should never be compromised.

  4. 23 People have to date sent us comments both pro and anti-bollards – please keep them coming and taking part in the straw poll which will be open until Sunday night 3rd May 2015.

  5. The Path is the responsibility of the ERYC, the parking area is owned by Hedon TC, so I put it on the agenda at Hedon TC for all councillors to be informed of the site visit and requested Senior officers from ERYC to attend the visit that took place on Friday 24th April a Senior road safety officer and a Senior Highways Engineer was in attendance , they have looked at the situation in great detail and will report back to me of their Intentions, so until then I will not comment on what is best to solve the Situation.

  6. I’ve made a suggestion to Ray that he takes a ‘straw poll’ as to who favours the idea of bollards, and who doesn’t, There appears to be a split (check the Blog’s Facebook pages) between the do’s and the don’ts. Can you fix that Ray, and maybe ask the respondents to give reasons/suggestions?

    I attended a meeting in the Market Place when two East Riding Officers came to have a look on Friday, and they will report back with their recommendations in the near future.

    I will (if elected !! ) make sure the matter is listed onto a Town Council agenda as soon as the Council re-convenes.

    John P Dennis
    668th Mayor of Hedon

    1. We invite readers to take part in the STRAW POLL and send us their REASONS for voting the way they did – these will not be published but sent on to councillors after the elections (whoever gets elected) for their consideration.

  7. I completely agree that we need bollards in Hedon marketplace. We have had two accidents now, we need to take action.

    1. I fully agree to the erection of Bollards or barriers of some description alongside the footpath edge in the Market Place before there is another serious incident.
      If and when the subject is discussed at Hedon Town Council,(if it hasn’t been already ) may I suggest the continuation of said fitted Bollards to extend on the left hand side of George Street down past the Taxi proprietors, where quite frequent incidents of vehicles including delivery vans parking on the footpath occur.
      This practice prevents the access for residents with disability scooters, as witnessed by a Hedon Town Councillor at approx. 09-45 on Friday morning the 24th of April 2015.

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