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HedFest – It’s a GO for summer Hedon Festival!

£10,000 awarded to establish an annual weekend community-based festival with family entertainment in Hedon…

EAST RIDING of Yorkshire Council has considered a fourth round of High Street Fund applications they have announced today. Amongst the eight applications approved was one award of £10,000 to establish an annual weekend festival in Hedon with a strong emphasis on business and community involvement in Hedon town centre.

The Hedon Blog spoke to the applicants yesterday Phil Danby from St Augustine’s Church, David Thompson from Hedon Town Council and John Holtby from Cornucopia:

Hedfest organisers
Phil Danby, David Thompson and John Holtby suitably attired with flat caps to announce HedFest 2015

HEDFEST is to be the title of the new first Hedon Festival to be held in August this year organised by a partnership of Hedon Town Council, St Augustine’s Church and Cornucopia.

And at HedFest ‘headwear’ is likely to be one of the themes running through the summer event: Artists, crafts people, bands and children will all bring their own interpretation of HedFest to the festival with a variety of hats, bonnets, caps, masks, veils, wigs and even giant puppet heads likely to make an appearance.

The festival will start across teatime on Friday 14th August and continue all day Saturday 15th August from early morning to midnight and is described as ‘a community-based festival with family entertainment’. It will aim to be a community initiative that draws upon all the local talent in the area.

John Holtby from experienced festival organisers Cornucopia said that an essential first step is to organise a public meeting where anyone can express an interest in getting involved and help shape the event.

“We want to hear from local singers, bands, artists, community groups, schools and local businesses – anyone who might want to participate.

“The main streets in the town will be closed for the festival on the SatHedon Town logourday for family entertainment and we hope the local pubs and other venues will host festival acts too. We will also have specially-staged areas where we can bring entertainers, attractions and bands that wouldn’t normally come to Hedon; entry in these areas will be restricted to those who buy a low-cost wrist band. The sale of these will help pay for these special acts.

“But the festival will also offer a whole variety of free events, such as street theatre, music, crafts workshops and a major carnival type procession through the town with floats.”

The Hedon Festival is one of the latest projects to be funded through the East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s High Street Fund with the partnership trio of Hedon Town Council, St Augustine’s Church and Cornucopia having been awarded £10,000 to stage the event. The fund aims to revitalise high streets and improve town centres through regeneration activity. Applicants are encouraged to think creatively about how to achieve the aims of the fund..

The £10,000 from the High Street Fund has delighted the organisers, but an appeal to local industry is to be organised to build on that amount.

“With additional sponsorship,” said John Holtby “we will be able to do so much more and help create a really wonderful and unique event that can become an annual feature of Hedon’s calendar.”

Those interested in getting involved in HedFest should in the first instance contact Hedon Town Council at the Town Hall, St Augustine’s Gate, Hedon, HU12 8EX.

The Town Hall is open from 9:00am to 3:00pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. E-mail: townclerk@hedon.gov.uk or tel: 01482 898428.

6 thoughts on “HedFest – It’s a GO for summer Hedon Festival!

  1. Top hole, chaps in caps 😘 what a great idea, hope everyone gets involved to make it an event to be proud of and put Hedon’s cultural standing on the Yorkshire map. Just one question, which I’m sure will be answered in due course: what about access and other issues for people who live literally on the Festival’s doorstep? Like I say, the logistical aspects will be sorted I am sure (blokes in flat caps tend to ‘sort stuff’ with no messing, in my experience!). Onward! 😀

  2. A great initiative from Cllr Thompson. I hope its a great success. We could do with more community events in Hedon.

  3. Couldn’t be more happy to hear this! Have great memories of fab events in Hedon in days gone by and delighted about this festival! Can’t wait!!

  4. I’m glad this has gone so well. Cllr Thompson is a dedicated Councillor always working hard for the community.Its going to be brilliant!

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