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Wednesday Writings – Wild What?

Some animals pictured here… but they certainly weren’t at the stately home that Hedon Poet Peter Ainscough visited!…

Wild what? by Peter Ainscough

We went to some grand stately gardens
Surrounding a huge stately hall;
And the signs said look out for this and the other –
But all we saw was nothing at all!

“In the river watch out for the brown trout,
Which swim in the weed in the stream.”
But we think that the brown trout had gone out,
With the carp and the grayling and bream.

“Watch out,” said the sign, “for the heron.”
Standing grey as it hunts for the fish;
But the heron it seems was nowhere to be seen,
It had found, perhaps, some other dish.

And the mallards and buzzards were absent,
Although maybe others had seen –
But we, with our glasses and cameras,
Just wondered if they’d ever been!

So watch out when you’re visiting castles
And are prompted to look for wildlife.
As often as not they will be somewhere else.
Wildlife is not always so rife!

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