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Join the Hedon Blog in re-imagining our local news service!

Daily NewsHEDON BLOG has often spoke about its wish to create a Local News Hub for the town but progress on this has stalled based on my wish to have a ‘ready-made’ organisation for people to join.

In all honesty I’ve just never got around to drawing up a constitution/rules and framework for that organisation to be built around. But without such an organisation to take the Hedon Blog forward as a community project there is a possibility that one day the Blog would stop if I stopped i.e. the proverbial bus runs me over, I get ill, or take a long holiday (I wish!).

Rather than wait for me to ‘provide’ something to make the Local News Hub happen – then I’m looking for collaborators to work with me to ensure that the Hedon Blog continues as a Hedon community resource for a long time into the future.

In short, I imagine that the Local News Hub project would aim to be a constituted partnership body bringing together volunteers, local communities, voluntary groups, local business, training providers that can draw in funding to provide a dedicated news-gathering and news-sharing service in the town (and Paull, Preston and Thorngumbald).

It would aim to set up a network of community citizen-journalist reporters with access to training and technical support opportunities. This network would dig out and investigate local issues – hold local authorities and politicians to account and strengthen local democracy, but mainly be a source of positive press around which community action could be celebrated, supported and promoted.

I aim to start off by collecting together the names of those interested in helping to form this organisation or who might like to play a role in the Local News Hub whether large or small.

Following initial meetings with this group of people, I hope that early next year we can relaunch the Hedon Blog at a big public event in the town.

Interested? In the first instance let me know at hedonblog@gmx.com – and I’ll ensure that you are involved in what I believe are exciting discussions on re-imagining the Hedon Blog and the whole concept of community news!

Ray Duffill,

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