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Hedon Remembrance Parade 2014

Hedon Remembers the Fallen of the Great War and other conflicts since then – Remembrance Sunday photographs taken by JAYNE ARKSEY recording the event for posterity…

REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY in Hedon 2014 (9th November) was a very poignant event commemorating centenary of the outbreak of World War One. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen personal circumstances the Hedon Blogger was unable to cover this significant moment in the town’s history, therefore we are extremely grateful and particularly pleased to present this selection of excellent photos of the Remembrance Parade taken by Jayne Arksey.

The photos in particular depict the involvement of the members of Hedon & District Royal British Legion, the Humberside and South Yorkshire Army Cadet Force and Hedon Town Councillors.

With many, many thanks to Jayne Arksey.

3 thoughts on “Hedon Remembrance Parade 2014

  1. Great to see so many people attend but dissapointed that yet again the hymn ‘our god, our help in ages passed’ included the lines
    “time, like an ever rolling stream, bears all it’s sons away
    they fly, forgotten, as a dream dies at the opening day”
    this is very direspectful and the opposite of the purpose of rememberance day. This verse is supposed to be left out of rememberance services

    1. Yes it was great to see so many people attend the church for this very special service. I hope Mr Barret knows that the service is put together by The British Legion and the Town Counsil not the Church of St Augustines. Churchgoers would know this. Regards Phil Danby Churchwarden

  2. Again Remembrance Sunday dawned as a beautifully bright, dry day.We have been so fortunate over the years with the weather,
    It was really good to see so many people in the Market Place, and at St. Augustine’s Church, every seat taken and perhaps 50 standing at the back. Well done to all of them, and well done to the Rev’d. Duncan Harris, who gave a very touching sermon.
    Of course the Royal British Legion was out in force and together with the Cadets and their Band, and the various other local organisation on the parade, before and after the service. It is, year by year becoming one of the town’s most important community events, and many more people turned out this year than I can remember previously.
    The wreath laying took place at the Cenotaph in Ivy Lane, and many people, including children laid poppies, crosses and wreaths, and stood in silence to remember those who gave their lives in many conflicts across the world over the past century.
    Finally, the parade marched past the dais in the Market Place where Colonel David Fuller, the Deputy Lieutenant, on behalf of the Queen, and I, on behalf of Hedon, were honoured to take the salute.
    A delightful lunch was then enjoyed by many in the British Legion Club.
    An excellent day, and an event in which the Mayoress and I were proud to take part.

    John P. Dennis
    668th Mayor of Hedon

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