Flagship care home opens in Hedon

The Garton Family – who along with John Garton, Director of Yorkare Homes Ltd – have brought the flagship care home Magdalen Park to Hedon…

Laurence, Elizabeth, Evonne and Jonathan
Garton family behind Magdalen Park – Laurence, Elizabeth, Evonne and Jonathan 

VISITORS to the new Magdalen Park Nursing Home over the weekend could have been forgiven for thinking that they were visiting a 5-star hotel rather than a care home that will provide nursing, residential and specialist dementia care. The home has been purpose-built with the care and needs of its eventual residents clearly in mind; and the attention to detail was apparent for all to see.

The focal point of the home is its ‘street scene’ consisting of a sweet shop, a hairdresser and nail boutique and the ‘Magdalen Arms’ pub. The aim of the street – as well as the services provided by each shop – is to recreate an air of familiarity; to become a place of reassurance. This ethos seeps through the entire building but is especially apparent in the dementia care complex where rooms and doors are individually coloured and marked to provide that ‘aide to memory’ so that residents can more easily identify their own rooms and help minimise confusion.

All the individual and communal areas of Magdalen Park are of stimulating design and Jonathan Garton, the Operations Director and son of Yorkare Homes Director John Garton, says that his mother Evonne has played a big role in this: “She’ll come in with a small piece of material and can instantly see how it could be used in the building, she has a real knack for design in that way.” And that ‘knack’ is just really apparent everywhere in the building which clearly benefits from being conceptualised on work carried out by Stirling University who are specialists in dementia research.

Those who visited the £4.1m complex over the weekend (30/31 Aug 2014) could not fail to be impressed by the facilities. But also impressive were those hosting the tours, notably the Garton family themselves who are the people behind Yorkare Homes. The family enthusiasm, pride and excitement about opening the new facility was in abundance!

In a country where we are all living longer and need to consider our future care needs (for ourselves and family members) carefully, and much earlier than previous generations, the quality of that care and the options available to choose from need to be continually improved. With the opening of the Magdalen Park Nursing Home then it would seem that the bar has been set to new heights.

To book an appointment or to discuss care needs with Magdalen Park Manager, Sue Rollinson, call 01482 700733.

Visit: www.yorkarehomes.co.uk

Note: The opinions here are personal to the Editor of the Hedon Blog, Ray Duffill.

The Gallery below is indicative of just some of the range of facilities/services at Magdalen Park.

2 thoughts on “Flagship care home opens in Hedon

  1. Official opening pint pull
    The Mayoress and I were very pleased to have been asked to carry out the official opening of the Magdalen Park development last Friday and as a refreshing change, it wasn’t done by cutting the traditional ribbon, but by pulling the first pint in the Magdalen Arms pub! Much more my style, but of course, not a drop touched my lips!
    I’d like to add my congratulations to Yorkare and to the Garton family, and to their entire team for creating a really impressive facility for Hedon and nearby villages. I am sure it will turn out to be a resounding success, offering high quality surroundings and facilities for our older residents, and those in need of specialist dementia care,
    Not to be forgotten of course is the fact that as many as 100 new jobs will be created locally which will provide the economy of our town with a much needed boost.
    I have supported this scheme from the outset, having been impressed by the professionalism of the Yorkare team.
    Jennifer and I wish them Good Luck with this much needed project.
    John Dennis,
    668th. Mayor of Hedon

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