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“Hands Off!” Campaign – Street Surgery and Blog Debate

Street Surgery on Saturday 30th August on the Boundary Referendum and “Hands Off!” campaign is planned – but the Hedon Blog raises some controversial issues and calls for a town debate…

John Dennis and Hands Off campaignershands_offLEADER of the “Hands Off!” campaign Hedon Mayor Councillor John Dennis has announced he will be holding a Street Surgery specifically to provide an opportunity for people to come and ask questions about the Boundary Referendum issues and the “Hands Off!” campaign.

Saturday 30th August 2014 Hedon Market Place

10.30am – 12noon.

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Hedon Blog Debate – Some bones of contention!

The Youth!

Mr Martin on HU12 Online left a comment on the article about the launch of the “Hands Off! campaign and expressed concerns that it does not seem to involve many young people:

Hands Off the East Riding campaigners“So does it not worry anyone else that not one person under 45 is in any of those photos? The apathy of the youngsters will be their undoing in years to come.” – Mr Martin

There is a perception that younger people in Hedon and the wider local area are more open to change and would be welcoming of moves to expand Hull if it meant increased investment, more opportunities for new jobs and career change, and more choice for housing and accommodation within the area?

Is there a generation gap in this campaign? Are older, more settled people out of step with the younger citizens in our community?

The Hedon Blog is extremely keen to hear the viewpoints of the younger generation – the under 30’s and the under 25’s in particular! 

The Costs!

Some residents in other parts of the East Riding who are currently unaffected by any immediate boundary change have criticised the costs of the whole Boundary Referendum (estimated to be costing the East Riding of Yorkshire Council up to £60,000) and say that it is a waste of money and is merely an expensive opinion poll that will not affect any real change.

With the money that Hull City Council is spending on its Commission of Inquiry and other associated costs, the total real expenditure could be over £100,000!

Is this money well spent?

Hedon Blog Debate.

The Hedon Blog is keen to help sponsor a public debate in the town in September on the whole issue of Boundary Change with speakers for and against.

We hope that residents and young residents in particular can begin registering questions now for that debate. Please leave questions and comments below.

5 thoughts on ““Hands Off!” Campaign – Street Surgery and Blog Debate

  1. In 2004 and 2005 Hull City Council was voted the worst performing council, 2006 and 2007 they were given 2 stars then 3 stars in 2008 rated as improving. They may be improving but i think the East Riding of Yorkshire Council is rated as far better than that, Im voting to stay within the county I was born in.

  2. Hull suffers by comparison to other cities in all sorts of surveys because, unlike them, the wealthy suburbs fall under another authority. The resultant figures discourage inward investment and the whole region suffers as a result. Our children find it difficult to get good jobs, talent leaves the area , the circle of decline goes on. Things are starting to change. Siemens are coming as a result of the efforts of Hull Council. We will be City of Culture helped by the efforts of Hull Council. Like many poorer urban areas , Hull has been badly affected by cuts in central funding while wealthier areas have their funding maintained. That is why there have been job cuts in Hull, not council incompetence. I was born in Hull and lived there for over 40 years. I have lived in East Yorkshire for 20 years. I will be voting in favour of the changes.

    1. East Riding does not consist solely of wealthy suburbs, it has its fair share of low income residents and areas of deprivation. Rural areas, including East Riding, generally have lower central funding than urban areas irrespective of which party is in government. It is a well researched fact that it costs more to live in rural areas and, on average, incomes are lower. East Riding is one of the worst funded Authorities in the UK. Hull Council receives, per head of population, more than twice the amount allocated to East Riding. The cuts, therefore, are in proportion to the total amount of funding for each Council area. That seems fair to me and for Hull to extend its boundaries to take over the places it has nominated would leave the rest of East Riding in a poorer and maybe unviable financial state.

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