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Welly-wearing Mayor proof of pond!

The Mayor’s Wellies! Whilst treading around on flood duties, the Mayoral wellies visited the site of Hedon’s ancient pond yesterday…

Mayor and WelliesWHILST out on the serious business of checking on Hedon’s flood defences yesterday, Hedon Mayor Councillor John Dennis went to have a look at the Horsewell Pond to see the swale and filtration system in operation.

The swale (a low ditch) channels water from Market Hill to buried filter beds located at the pond. The water is supposed to go through the filter beds and be cleaned as it does so, then end up in the pond.

The Mayor, photographed by his wife and Mayoress Jennifer, is pictured here in his wellies proving that the pond fills up! However, is the system working as it should? The Mayor had this to say:

“Whether it actually went through the filter tanks, or just across the top straight to the pond, we’ll probably never know, but at least it shows the water actually arrives there by way of the swale. However it obviously needs a great deal of the stuff to fill the pond!” He added cautiously: “It will be interesting to see whether the water actually stays in the pond?”

Of course we do not advise people to go paddling in the pond under any circumstances – even with Mayoral Wellington boots!


Councillor Di Storr, Chair of Hedon’s Emergency Planning Committee, was out checking on the town’s flood defences yesterday with the Mayor. Along with lots of other residents Cllr Storr had been worried about the potential for flooding because of the volume of rainfall that had hit the town in a few short hours. Extra sandbags had been ordered in case the situation worsened and an additional emergency flood pump from the East Riding Council would have been available too.

Fortunately it seems that the situation did not require any emergency action. However, it is probably opportune to remind residents that copies of Emergency Planning Leaflets are available via the Town Hall, Calceus and John Dennis Estate Agents on St Augustine’s Gate and Johnson’s of Hedon hardware store on Johnson’s Corner.

APPEAL to motorists! In periods of heavy rainfall the main road on St Augustine’s Gate in particular can get very flooded with the drainage system sometimes struggling to clear flash-flood waters quickly. At such times drivers are encouraged to SLOW DOWN – as well as safety concerns, fast-moving traffic causes waves of water which crash into adjacent doorways entering properties.

Drivers should also be considerate when passing pedestrians on Hedon’s narrow pathways – large puddles on the sides of the road + fast traffic = soaked people!

Rainy Hedon
Rainy St Augustine’s Gate

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  1. Mayor's Wellies - Minus the Mayor!
    New picture of the Mayor’s wellies – minus Mr Mayor! – at Horsewell pond . Check out the previous one below taken just over 2 weeks ago. There was about 6 inches of water back then.

    The Mayor, Cllr John Dennis, whilst re-visiting the pond on Monday, said: “We’ve had cold weather since the Bertha Hurricane, so the water hasn’t evaporated.

    “This shows clearly that the pond doesn’t hold water. I suggest it’s back to the drawing board again.”
    Mayor's Wellies

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