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Fracking Information Evening in Hedon

A Fracking Information Evening is to be held in Hedon on Thursday at the British Red Cross Hall, Sheriff Highway at 7:30pm…

Fracking Talk Hedon Poster - Click for larger image

QUESTION: “Why would a group of individuals, including many educated to degree level, take the extraordinary step of giving up jobs, family and a comfortable lifestyle to camp at the side the road in East Yorks?” asks a poster advertising a Fracking Information Evening to be held in Hedon.

The camp referred to is at Crawberry Hill between Walkington and Bishop Burton. Protesters have been camping out at the site since May 2014 amidst concerns that Rathlin Energy plans to ‘frack’ there.

‘Fracking’ is the term used to describe hydraulic fracturing of rock by a pressurized liquid. Injected at high pressure into a borehole, the liquid creates small fractures, along which fluids and gas can travel and be collected as part of the process. It is considered by proponents to be an effective alternative to conventional drilling.

The technique is used to extract shale gas from rocks deep underground by injecting water at high pressure. But there has been much criticism of the fracking process by environmental campaigners. They say it has much more negative impacts than drilling, including leaking methane, water contamination, air pollution, and radioactive contamination. Anti-fracking campaigners claim the process can lead to massive industrialisation of the landscape, and trigger worsening climate change and even earthquakes.

Rathlin Energy have consistently denied that they will be fracking the site at Crawberry Hill, although there has been some confusion and debate over what constitutes a ‘mini-frack’.

Red Cross Building
Public Meeting – Thurs 14th August, 7:30pm

The meeting on Thursday 14th August 2014 at the British Red Cross Hall, Sheriff Highway at 7:30pm is presented by Frack Free East Yorkshire which describes itself as a “A Coalition of Groups Opposed to Extreme Energy Extraction”.

The organisers say the evening will consist of “an evidence based talk presenting facts gathered from local and national experts, oil industry insiders, chemical and water safety engineers.”

It is a public meeting. All welcome.

2 thoughts on “Fracking Information Evening in Hedon

  1. Hi Phil
    The building was full to capacity.
    I don’t think many of the residents in the East Riding realise how dangerous fracking is and its disastrous consequences. You hear talk of not having to depend on Russia for oil but little talk of how it involves drilling through the water supplies and in the process releasing dangerous chemicals into the ground and water.
    The fracking information group plan to return in the future to do a presentation at a bigger venue.


  2. Sadly I missed this event, was there a good turn out?

    I have family in the North West, this seems to be a big deal over there and there is a lot of opposition. People in the East Riding must be a bit of a pushover as this is already happening on our doorstep in Walkington. Not thinking this will affect anyone in Hedon must have their head in the sand, this is potentially worse than any toxic waste incinerator at Salt End.

    It’s interesting how Fracking is banned in a lot of countries in Europe, it’s a shame our government want to destroy our countryside.

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