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Fast, furious watersport! And Hedon boasts Champions!

WITH SPEEDS on the water reaching 60mph in just over 3 seconds, AquaX is not for the fainthearted! Steve Robinson and son Harry live on Leaf Sail and know something about AquaX – Steve’s actually currently ranked 10th in the world! …

Steve Robinson and son HarryWITH SPEEDS on the water reaching 60mph in just over 3 seconds, AquaX is not for the fainthearted! Those who have had a go on a jet ski while on holiday will appreciate some of the thrills involved in this watersport – but imagine that Jet Ski with the stops off and you get some idea of the adrenaline-filled excitement of AquaX!

Steve Robinson lives on Leaf Sail and knows something about AquaX – he’s actually currently ranked 10th in the world and just last month won the Cardiff Grand Prix of the Sea. Steve has been a jet skier for the last 7 years and since 2012 has been competing in the top turbo and supercharged 300 horse power class. “But it’s not just about speed,” says Steve, “it’s about skill and navigation around the course and being able to deal with all kinds of water conditions.”

Each competition involves three 30 minute races and this season there are five Grand Prix of the Sea competitions in the Championship – three have already taken place, including one in Hull on the Humber in which Steve came second. Following his win at Cardiff Bay Steve will be competing in Torquay next weekend for Round 4 of the Championship.

While Steve is no stranger to winning at AquaX and has a fine collection of over twenty trophies, awards and medals – he was absolutely delighted when son Harry Robinson (14) took part in his first ski competition in Cardiff and came third overall winning a trophy!

Speaking straight after the Cardiff Grand Prix, Steve said: “It’s been phenomenal! It wasn’t easy I had another rider snapping on my heels but with Harry’s result today in the ski race, the weekend has been brilliant all round.”

Harry, who goes to South Holderness Technology College, said; “I’ve been following the family around with the sport since I was 7 so I’ve grown up with it and it’s in my blood. I’ve just been allowed to compete in the ski class with turning 14. It’s been great to have a podium finish in my very first jet ski race!”

Steve competes with a headcam on his crash helmet for recording course incidents – but this also allows for a fantastic riders view of the action. See below from one of Steve’s races in Cardiff and other videos from YouTube.

At the Hedon Blog we hope to follow Steve and Harry as they compete in this Championship and other competitions – it’s great to have our own local Champions in the town and we are sure that Hedon folk will get fully behind both of them as they storm their way into the AquaX record and history books!

You can follow Steve on Twitter @srobbie and find more about him and the sport at the P1 AquaX website below.

AquaX is open to everyone, men or women. You can apply to enter as long as you’re over 17 years of age. 16 for the 200hp class and 14 for Ski.

Visit: www.p1aquax.co.uk

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  1. Good luck to Steve Robinson in Torquay on Saturday and Sunday; there will be three AquaX races over the weekend, on what is described as “a shorter tighter challenging course”. 30 skiers are expected to be heading to Heldon Pier, Torquay to battle for the closely fought after AquaX cup.

    We hope that Steve gets himself on the Winners Podium again for the Champagne cork-popping ceremony!

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