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Town Council Public Participation meeting – July 2014

A Public Participation Meeting is to be held on Thursday 24th July 2014 from 7.00 pm – 7.30 pm at the Town Hall.

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HEDON TOWN COUNCIL offers the opportunity for residents to have their say on local issues!

A Public Participation Meeting is to be held on Thursday 24th July 2014 from 7.00 pm – 7.30 pm at the Town Hall.

The Mayor of Hedon Councillor John Dennis will chair the meeting.

Anyone living within the Town of Hedon who wishes to attend may raise any issue of interest or concern with regard to matters in Hedon

For further information contact:

Mrs J. M. Richardson the Town Clerk
Hedon Town Hall

St Augustine’s Gate
East Yorkshire
HU12 8EX

Tel: 01482 898428
e.mail: townclerk@hedon.gov.uk

Hedon Town Hall - built in  1692 - Council meets in the Chamber through the doors and up the stairs. Just walk in!
Hedon Town Hall – built in 1692 – Council meets in the Chamber through the doors and up the stairs. Just walk in on the meeting night!

9 thoughts on “Town Council Public Participation meeting – July 2014

  1. Question to Steve Gallant, having read your remark (below) about the Mayor dipping into council funds, should we presume then that you are actually in support of Hull’s plan to take over Hedon?
    I think you will find yourself considerably outnumbered!
    The amount required to pay for banners, posters and leaflets is £254 which equates to about seven and a half pence per household.
    I suspect not too many Hedon residents will object.

    John Dennis
    Mayor of Hedon.

      1. Interesting to see the comments today in HDM, from the Conservative Group Leader on KHCC in favour of Hulls` boundary extension. So not the party political issue that some would have it be? If it comes to it I will go half the £254 for banners, posters and leaflets.

        1. I’ve not seen the HDM. But politicians in Hull mostly favour a greater Hull, and those in East Riding (including Labour) are against. But whats likely to be proposed ( one authority for North of the Humber) doesnt seem to be the preferred option of Hull or East Riding councillors ! Maybe because instead of safe Tory and Labour Councils it would produce a more balanced one ?

          But that doesnt address the principle of spending council tax on political campaigns – which is what I am questioning

    1. John,
      1. I’m NOT in favour of a greater Hull. 2. There isnt even a proposal for that at the moment. 3. I think the independent commission may well suggest merging Hull and East Riding into one authority – then we could have a debate !

      But we dont know yet. Which is why I think East Riding Conservatives are wasting tax payers money on a “referendum”. Its irrelevant if Greater Hull is not going to be the proposal on the table.

      But what I think is even worse is the local Tories on Town Councils dipping into Public funds, to fight their political campaigns. As Chair of the “No” Campaign you should be raising your own funds. So do pay for it out of your own pocket by all means John, not ours !

  2. How things have changed, previously questions had to be submitted a week before the meeting via letter or email, lets hope residents attend

    1. Sorry Jim, but I cannot see any way in which they will change their minds, ,they will stick to the system to which they changed to earlier in the year, Have I missed something though? as I have searched the Archives on this site and I cannot find anything appertaining to all the upset it caused at the time.
      I will not be attending, at least until the Sound System Quality is upgraded from being on a par with two Cocoa Tin lids and a length of Abb wool.

      1. http://hedonblog.co.uk/2014/04/02/hedon-annual-town-meeting-and-open-forum-public-notice/ Jim – The meeting in April was the Annual Town Meeting and Open Forum. It was actually a very good meeting with so much information given out that I still haven’t really covered it all adequately on the Blog.

        An idea is to consider having more of these rather than public participation sessions? But that kind of effort is unlikely to take place if attendance by the public remains low.

    2. When challenged about the 7 days notice of questions the council were adamant it gave time for “fuller responses”.. But now they want to have a “quicky” that conveniently goes out the window. I don’t remember this even being mentioned at the last council meeting on the 10th.

      It couldnt possibly be connected to the Mayors intention to dip into Council funds to pay for the “No To Greater Hull Campaign” could it ?

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