Incinerator will definitely not be built!

Final victory over Saltend incineration plans…..

HOTI demonstrators release balloons in 2009 to show how toxic pollutants could be spread by the wind – now balloons can be used to celebrate final defeat of the Incinerator!

EAST RIDING of Yorkshire Council and Hull City Council have awarded new contracts to jointly manage their waste. Of significance to the local area, is that in the new contracts incineration will not form a part of the waste disposal process.

The 240,000 tonne mass burn waste incinerator originally earmarked for Saltend will definitely not be built!

The contracts will cover the next 10 years and are worth around £200m. Four companies will manage the recycling and waste materials that the two councils collect from their 263,000 households and will manage the 13 household waste and recycling sites provided by the councils.

The emphasis in the new contracts has changed from simply collecting all waste to that of recycling and composting to keep waste out of landfill, reducing the millions of pounds the councils have to send to the Chancellor of the Exchequer in landfill tax.

John Dennis - jubilantThe news – although not unexpected – has been welcomed by a jubilant campaigner John Dennis, speaking on behalf of the anti-incinerator campaign group, HOTI (Hull and Holderness Opposing the Incinerator). HOTI has been keeping a watching brief on the developments:

HOTI Balloons2“After such a long time it is really gratifying to be able to confirm to the residents of Hedon and South West Holderness that the massive 240,000 tonne capacity incinerator planned for Saltend will definitely not be built! Of course we have known for some time that the project has been stalled, but we were reluctant to celebrate as we all know of course that “it’s never over until it’s over!” Now it is over, and the champagne corks can be popped!

“I would remind supporters of those days when the HOTI campaign started in December 2005, at which time the Joint Waste Authority aspired to achieving recycling rates of 45%. We at HOTI claimed that such a target would easily be achieved, and that there was no need for an incinerator. That target has now been surpassed by a very large margin and our claim that the incinerator was unnecessary has turned out to be sound.

“It has taken 9 years for this excellent result and the HOTI steering group would like to thank the members of our campaign and the public locally for their dedication to the cause. We must also express our appreciation for the technical and legal advice provided by the experts at Friends of the Earth, without which we may well have failed. Also thanks go from the Committee to the thousands of Holderness residents who supported us throughout the campaign, and particularly those who came on the two Protest Marches back in 2006 and 2009. Without your dedication we would have had the incinerator on our doorsteps by now, without a sufficient waste-stream to burn, and the contractor demanding the relaxation of the ‘local waste only’ planning restriction.”

Congratulations to HOTI and the thousands who have marched and otherwise actively opposed the incinerator since 2005.

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