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Hedon Fitness and Nutrition – “promoting well-being”

Chris Tooley and Rob Barr Hedon Fitness and Nutrition
Chris Tooley and Rob Barr at Hedon Fitness and Nutrition

WHETHER you’re a sports mad fanatic or just a novice considering starting a bit of jogging, the new Hedon Fitness and Nutrition shop just might have something to help you kick-start your next training session!

Rob Barr and Chris Tooley, both from Hedon, are the two people fronting the new business on New Road – and they know everything about the supplements, capsules and powders on the market that can help you achieve your personal training goals. They have a massive range of products on their shelves but crucially the pair have the knowledge and experience to help you decide on what might work for you. And in a market that is prevalent on, and dominated by the internet, they hope that being served by real people in a local setting is going to make a real difference to those who want to feel fitter and better. The internet, for all its convenience, has the disadvantage of customers not being able to trust suppliers, see products or ask questions.

Rob has set the business up because he realises that there is nothing similar to it between Withernsea and Hull. He feels, based on his own experience that there is a gap in the market for this type of service. But Rob is keen to emphasise that the shop has something for everyone and is about promoting well-being, it is not just for the ‘weight-lifting’ and ‘pumping-iron’ fraternity, although obviously those who visit local gyms will find the shop of immense interest.

I asked Rob about an unfit blogger I know, who after speaking to his doctor is considering training for a long-distance run; is there anything that would help? The response is instantaneous and it’s quite clear that there are a range of products to suit different budgets.

Mis-information about health and nutritional supplements is rife on the internet. There are also lots of misleading claims about the benefits or otherwise of certain products – but what is clear is that people are spending money on them; in 2009 the supplements market in the UK was worth £670m! The underlying reason for this is that we are all becoming more health conscious and want to live healthier lifestyles.

The decision by Rob Barr to open Hedon Fitness and Nutrition would seem a good one; it will help customers increase their knowledge and understanding of the industry and ensure that quality products are always available. They have an open-door policy – just call in and ask Rob and Chris questions – you will get an enthusiastic and friendly welcome in their very spacious and bright premises.

And finally, it’s not all about supplements… Since the shop opened there has been a steady stream of curious visitors to the shop, many of them women, but it’s not just the range of products specially designed for women that interest them, but also the 48 tube stand-up SUNBED!

It seems that when people go to tropical climes on holiday – they want the sun-tanned body before they hit the beach!

Sure to be popular… just keep a look out for your fit and bronze blogger trotting about your local beach! Hmm?

Hedon Fitness and Nutrition June 2014 - Leanne Barr
The shop – photo Leanne Barr

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