Wednesday Writings – The Hedon Treasure Hunt

Revealed! “…Mr Shakespeare with his head in a hole in the wall… we hope he doesn’t fall…”

The Hedon Treasure Hunt by J.R.Uney.

Not a lot was said to the seated Scribes, in the Spacious Hall, when we met them,
They requested our name, and five new groats for the fee,
Twenty five clues on paper were forthcoming,
So Promptly, I payeth the figure, for Abbie, Peter, and me.

Not a furrowed brow, or a tear was shed, as we walked round the town on our mission,
In the heat of the day, we hurried along, each page with our Biro’s turning,
To solve each clue, the object in mind,
Yea, though our feet were burning.

We found the Schoolchildren who were bored,
The afternoon sun, so warm and bright,
Soon we reacheth the street of The Bakers,
But Nay, there was not a Cream Bun in sight.

In the same street, The Bard, Mr Shakespeare, we met,
With his head in a hole in the wall,
Mayhap, a call to Health and Safety be set.
For should he taketh a fall.

We saw the site of The Butchers,
Where the gutters were oft filled with blood,
Some sold meat pies, abundant with flies,
While others were not quite so good.

Over there’s, William Iveson’s New Hall,
T’were Seventeen Twenty, when the footings were dug,
He’d been having serious trouble procuring a Builder,
Seems, they’d all been off with a bug.

In open Country our faire Towne stands,
A place, with history soaking,
We are to be asked, Do we wish to become part of Kingston upon Hull.
Sire, You must be bloody joking.

The answers we found,
Hopefully, without causing major drama’s,
Someone, informs us, The Prize.
Is fourteen days in The Bahamas.

In giving thanks to The Events Committee,
It filleth our hearts with such glee,
Just to share a winning position ,
So thanks once again, from Abbie, Peter, and me.

JR Uney is one of the members of “Uney’s Unique Code Crackers” (who along with “Witty City”) are one of the winning teams to win The Hedon Treasure Hunt on 26th May. So it’s quite fitting that he should inspire us with his poetic recount of the event – and make us laugh as well!

Are you inspired to write a cracker of a poem (or a short story) for publication on the Hedon Blog?

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11 thoughts on “Wednesday Writings – The Hedon Treasure Hunt

  1. Ray,
    I can write a bit, (usually garbage!), but could never, ever, match Jim’s enjoyable and funny poem, as I can’t write poetry for the life of me, at all – even though I’ve tried.!

    About the prize, I suggest a week on Tunstall beach, in the bleak mid- winter, in a tent, with this ageing Umpire. Second prize – two weeks…. but please don’t all come rushing, at once…….folks….

    1. Slow, Right-arm over.
      Dear Malcolm, Sorry but I’m not too keen on your latest suggestion,
      I mean, being under canvas in Winter, at Tunstall
      No thanks, I’ve had my fill of camping,
      I’ve done quite a bit in Egypt, with Flies ,Sandstorms ,an all.

      Mebbe, I suppose we could find summat to talk about,
      On Cricket, we could have quite a natter,
      Depends how cold it gets there in winter,
      And how much my Knashers would Chatter.

      I appen to know a little bit about cricket,
      Cos in 19-47,I saw my first game at The Circle,Tha Knows,
      Yorkshire and Kent were the contestants.
      Also featured, was the legendary ,Mr William Eric Bowes.

      Sadly, he failed to trouble the scorer in Yorkshire’s first innings,
      As a young chap called Ridgeway, stole his thunder,
      Bill was bowled for a duck, as I remember,
      And his mates didn’t fare any better, as Ridgeway tore them asunder,

      Ridgeway nearly didn’t make the game that day,
      It appeared that he’d strained his Hamstring,
      Yorkshires masseur worked on him all that morning,
      With Fred’s later on-field performance, leaving him champing.

      He finished with figures of Seven for Twenty Seven in Yorkshires first innings.
      With Five for Fifty Nine in the second,
      Bill was Not Out for One when he next batted,
      And retirement quickly beckoned.

        1. Thanks Janet, I don’t know how I managed to get a black box, It wasn’t supposed to happen, Regards Jim.

    1. Thank you Sarah very much, Just wish I’d had the chance of a better education in my younger years rather than just Paull Primary School in wartime. Jim.

    1. Thank you Gentlemen, Pleased that you both enjoyed the piece, The Paparazzi will be in Town Tonight ! Jim.

  2. Very very good poem from our joint winners – I am very impressed – look forward to seeing you at presentation tomorrow night.

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