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Local Transport Debate

RESIDENTS have been commenting on the new Local Transport for Hedon proposal put out for consultation by Hedon Town Council…

having-your-sayRESIDENTS have been commenting on the new Local Transport for Hedon proposal put out for consultation by Hedon Town Council. The proposed ‘hail and ride’ service between Hedon town centre and the outlying estates would aim to help alleviate the town’s chronic traffic and parking problems.

The last Town Council meeting reported that lots of survey forms were being returned, by hand and e-mail to the Town Clerk. We’ve had 36 responses via the Blog and below are just a few snippets of those giving a flavour of some of the opinions expressed.

Some object to paying for the service out of the local precept (component part of council tax paid for Hedon services):

Mrs Stammers: “I think it’s a good idea for a local shuttle bus for residents but object to paying for it. I have a car and already pay car tax and council tax so why should I have to be taxed again on something I will never use!!”

Jason Dickinson: “55p per week adds up to £28.60 per annum which is in my opinion, excessive. Why not charge people to park in the town and use the money collected to fund the transport scheme. This will make people think twice about using their cars for short journeys which will in turn improve the traffic congestion whilst also keeping residents fitter by encouraging them to walk instead of using their cars, a real win win all round!”

Others like the idea:

Stacey comments: “I think this is a fantastic idea for those who live out of Hedon centre like Leaf Sail and don’t drive, it’s a long walk for children also on nursery and school run.”

Steve Gallant: “At 55p/wk per household, a householder would get value from the service with only a couple of rides/wk. If two or three people use it, a few times instead of getting the car out…. its great value.”

Would the proposal convince drivers to use the service rather than their own vehicles?

Chris: “This idea would not work. Lazy people would still rather drive and park inconsiderately anywhere they thought possible. Inmans school is a prime example, people that live on the estate still drive to school.”

Roy Dickson: “The bus service will not solve the problem car users will still use the car. Those without cars may use the bus but the main users will be the elderly. Many cars are from outside Hedon. The bus service will turn into a bottomless cash pit.”

Other issues:

Leigh: “A waste of time… You should be encouraging people to walk and be active!”

Andrew Batson says: “This would benefit people travelling in cars and on foot, speeding up the movement of cars through the village.”

Teresa: “Are you trying to put the local taxi firm out of business!?! Seriously, concentrate on sorting the parking issue’s not putting the working class out of business!”

John Brown: “….far more stringent policing of the existing facilities would be a help, surely if money can be found to pay for bus drivers and fuel it would be a cheaper option to employ a full time traffic warden to maximise all available space.”

We have not covered the full comments of all those above but instead have hinted at the variety of comments received so far.

Based on the 36 responses returned via the Blog, the running total so far is:

Q1. Do you think it is worth paying a small, additional amount on your council tax bill to help alleviate Hedon’s traffic/parking problems and to provide a local transport service?

Yes – 13
No – 23

Q2. Would you use such a service?

Yes – 13
No – 23

Note: Whilst giving the impression that all those who said ‘Yes’ to the first question also said ‘Yes’ to the second, this wasn’t actually the case with some respondents saying they would pay, but wouldn’t use, and with others saying the opposite. The tally of responses just happen to balance out!

It will be extremely interesting to see the full analysed findings from Hedon Town Council.

6 thoughts on “Local Transport Debate

  1. Kelly, you’ve hit the nail on the head! I’m fed up with people moaning – it sometimes seems like whatever suggestions are made to try and help, there’s always a load of carping but little in the way of alternative thinking.
    The objectors should remember that we are VERY unusually lucky in Hedon not to be charged for parking. So in my mind either pay for it when you want to nip into Co-op (which neither consumers nor businesses would appreciate) or support this very sensible service. As I have said before, I’m not saying this because I will benefit – I live in the centre so wouldn’t use it – but I’ll happily pay a few quid a month if it helps our community.

  2. Unfortunately for Hedon Town Council the survey forms where delivered to properties in Preston South, so if residents from there reply then the survey is not representative. Cllr Bryan tries to suggest he is a leader in trying to sort parking issues out in the town yet he takes up parking places next to the doctors with his Hedon Hire vehicles. The better idea is a 2 or 3 hour restriction on parking on Market Hill and Johnsons Thorn Road corner car parking, so places are available to park. Johnsons Corner car park has become a park and ride for people working in Hull.

  3. Its disappointing only 36 people have replied.. ( thats about 0.5% of us here in Hedon) so I hope the council will secure a much wider feedback before deciding.

  4. I think it is a great idea especially for all those people who cannot walk very far. There is a difference between people being lazy and people who generally cannot walk into hedon centre. It would also be a great idea for all of the children who have to walk a long way to get to school. Very good idea indeed, this would benefit a lot of people. It is time to show that hedon town council cares about people who are in need of extra help and to show that as a town we are all willing to help each other out and help those who are in need. Hedon is a great town and it is nice idea to make it a place we can all live and have the same chances.
    It would help to reduce parking problems if people took the opportunity to use it! Its a case of choosing to use it for the greater good!
    If someone has lots of heavy shopping bags it makes waking difficult, more so with children in tow which is why many use cars; a bus would ease that problem. I noticed many of the positive comments are from people my age, in their 20’s. We recognise this is something that is very much needed and even more so as time goes on, with a growing number of elderly. Whoever thought of this, just know my generation are behind you! I am sure there are grants out there to help lessen if not eradicate the need for this to come out of Council tax. If we want change for the good we need to support those who try to bring change. Lets have back the old community spirit of Hedon from times gone by.

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