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Historic Preston Murder to be made into Hollywood movie!

Our new correspondent Hannah Richardson tells us about the 123 year old unsolved murder in Preston, researched by Mike Covell – and which is now being turned into a Hollywood movie!

Mike Covell Hedon Museum sqTHE HISTORIC murder of Preston’s Mary Jane Langley is set to become a Hollywood blockbuster thanks to Hull’s own Mike Covell.

Covell, who is a Jack the Ripper expert, spoke to us at the Hedon Museum about the murder, as well as about his opportunity for several of his books to become films, and his new-found local fame.

18 year old Mary Jane, who lived down Neat Marsh Lane in Preston, was found dead by her father in 1891 near to her house after being missing for a few days. Her killer was never found, but there has been speculation that it may have been a man named Frederick Deeming, who was also suspected of being Jack the Ripper.

After researching this case, Covell wrote a book (see: The Marfleet Murder Mystery on Amazon) about the murder and has now had interest in the book becoming a film. The opportunity came about after Covell helped with the facts on a few books, which were then picked up by Thunderball Films in Hollywood. They then saw some of Covell’s own books and offered him the chance for them to be made in to films, also offering him a major acting part in some films!

Covell has also diversified his passion in to historic tours around Hull, and is involved in the new tourist Land Train which people can ride around the city.

These achievements haven’t gone unnoticed, however. Everywhere he goes in Hull people stop him to congratulate him on his success.

By Hannah Richardson

We are delighted to introduce readers to a new correspondent on the Hedon Blog, Hannah Richardson. Hannah hails from Preston and is in a first year of a course studying digital media and journalism. In her first article on the Hedon Blog, Hannah introduces us to the bizarre world of Mike Covell – as Hannah explains above, his life has suddenly got very exciting!

We first came across Mike Covell in 2009 and have followed his investigation into the murder of Mary Jane Langley with much interest. We will review Mike’s book on the murder on the Blog and hope to bring you much more news of the film and about Mike’s own journey quite literally into the unknown!

In the meanwhile if you want to find out more, visit his Amazing Hull Tours website.

Visit: www.amazinghulltours.co.uk

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