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Boundary referendum date announced

EAST RIDING of Yorkshire Council has confirmed that electors will vote on two separate questions in a postal referendum on whether or not voters want to remain in the East Riding

Councillors call to resist 'greater Hull'

EAST RIDING of Yorkshire Council has confirmed that electors will vote on two separate questions in a postal referendum on whether or not voters want to remain in the East Riding or be included in an expansion of the city of Hull.

The referendum will take place in September 2014. Ballot papers will be sent out to eligible electors on 8th September to be returnable by Friday 26th September. Parishes included in the referendum will be Anlaby with Anlaby Common, Bilton, Cottingham, Elloughton-cum-Brough, Hedon, Hessle, Kirk Ella, North Ferriby, Preston, Welton, WIllerby and Swanland.

The count will take place on 29th September with the result to be announced shortly after.

As well as setting the time frame for the referendum, the council has agreed the format of the two separate questions that will be asked, though exact wording is still to be confirmed.

  1. The first question is whether or not voters want to remain in the East Riding or be included in an expansion of the city of Hull.
  2. The second question is whether or not voters support a relaxation of the council’s present approach of maintaining open green space between the built up area of the city of Hull and surrounding town and villages, which contribute to the unique character of such areas, and allow new development to occur.

Hull City Council resolved on 20th March 2014 to establish a Commission of Inquiry to review what it sees as its restrictive administrative boundaries to determine their extent and potential solutions, including boundary extension.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council debated the issue at its full meeting on 2nd April 2014 and resolved, unanimously, to strongly resist any attempts by the city council to expand its administrative boundaries into the East Riding and to hold a referendum in some areas of the East Riding, which may be potentially affected by any such review.

Any expansion of the city council’s boundaries into the East Riding could only take place following an order by the Secretary of State based on a recommendation from the Local Government Boundary Commission for England.

The Commission would consult local people and organisations to get their views before making any recommendations.

More details about the referendum will be announced in the autumn edition of Your East Riding, which will be distributed in the first week of September, and nearer the time on the council’s website and also via the media.

6 thoughts on “Boundary referendum date announced

  1. It would make more sense to abolish Hull City Council and have one single authority across East Yorkshire, I don’t see how absorbing Hedon, Hessle or Willerby would make any difference to the city of Hull.

  2. After reading a post by a young man in an earlier subject where he seemed to think that the main Hedon Road/Hull Road had always been built up and didn’t know that starting in the region of (opposite) Somerden Road there were some four farmhouses surrounded by crops to what is now the Saltend roundabout and then on the opposite side of the Aerodrome there was another mile or so of golden wheat fields hemmed in by neat hedgerows, I think it important there is doorstep canvassing. Unimaginable now, but Marfleet used to be a farming community and there are still many of us who as children loved to see the dozens of donkeys in their large pasture.

    It’s important to know that no local council can challenge a proposal by a company or another council unless they’ve made a plan of their own. Under the “Localism Act” of 2011 small communities are able to challenge and stave off the intended predations of “outsiders” who have their own agenda. Holding a Boundary postal ballot will indicate the strength of feeling in any given part of the East Riding and the council can include the results in their Action Plans for the future of the Riding.

    The Localism Act enshrined in law a new set of rights for communities. These are:


  3. The following letter has been sent to us by Peter Ainscough:

    I wonder what basis the Hull City Councillor Tom McVie, has for saying “I believe there are thousands of people living in the western suburbs and places like Hedon who feel completely disenfranchised from massive decisions being taken in Hull which directly impact on them.” (Hull Daily Mail May 20th 2014.)

    I have lived in Hedon for the past 40 years and know with what passion the town council and most of the people are concerned to protect the green space that separates the city from this ancient and historic market town. There is a strong sense of identity here. One only has to look at Sutton to realize how easily the proud identity of a small community is lost when it is buried in massive estate development.

    For many years the City Council has sought to place one or other development on the old airfield – open land between the city and the town. The East Riding Planning authority recognizes the importance of maintaining that open space. What chance would there be of protecting it if the planning authority was Hull, I am bound to speculate?

    As an active member of CPRE I spend much time in communication with local councillors, East Riding Councillors and Graham Stuart, our MP, to raise issues that potentially affect the countryside and our green spaces in a negative way.

    It is a matter of grave concern that Hull, under the guise of tidying up,its boundaries, would take away centuries of history, acres of green space and the ability of market towns to maintain and protect their unique identities.

    I applaud Councillor Parnaby and the other east Riding Councillors who have spoken up so vigorously against this proposal. In my opinion and from the point of view of a Campaigner to Protect Rural England (CPRE) it would be a disaster perpetrated to no benefit for the citizens of this area.

    Peter J Ainscough
    Committee Member East Yorkshire CPRE

  4. Thanks for publishing this Ray.

    Without doubt THIS IS THE GREATEST CHALLENGE we in South Holderness will have had to deal with since the dreaded incinerator project was first mooted back in 2005. I was Mayor back then, and spear-headed the HOTI campaign group, which stood up against the Incinerator proposal and as your readers will know, we fought it off. They (the City Council) are at it once more and once again local residents have to stand up and be counted (literally) if we don’t want to be swamped by Hull’s urban sprawl.

    I am invited to attend a meeting later today at County Hall with other Ward Members and town/parish Councillors from both sides of the city, at which the mechanics of the referendum will be explained to us.

    At that meeting I will be calling for all affected communities to work together in full co-operation with each other, no matter what side of the city they are on, to ensure the greatest possible response to the referendum. The East Riding Council can’t be seen to be trying to influence the outcome, but as a Ward Member, and the Mayor of Hedon, I certainly can – and will !! I intend to be involved in this from day one.

    I see a need for every home in Hedon and Preston to be visited when the referendum paperwork arrives as we don’t want any ‘apathy’ to be shown, – this is much too important for that. I hope to encourage Hedon and Preston Councils to join in the campaign too

    It would be good to hear from as many of your readers as possible who may be able to help the Councils out during the campaign. I’m thinking at this stage that we should immediately start speading the word in every way possible. However the intensive door-knocking exercise should take place perhaps some time in late August, just before the envelopes arrive, so that our residents can be made aware of what to expect and, importantly to convince them to respond with a double ‘NO’ votel.

    My email address is john@johnpdennis.karoo.co.uk and phone number at the office is 897129. Willing volunteers, can contact me by either.

    John P. Dennis. F.R.I.C.S.,
    Cllr. E.R.Y.C.,
    Ward Member for S.W,Holderness
    668th Mayor of Hedon

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