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PC Bob Pyle – Neighbourhood bobby retires

PC Bob Pyle retires as our community neighbourhood policeman…

Bob Pyle with the Hedon Shield and Mayor Cllr John Denniss
Bob Pyle presented with the Hedon Shield by Hedon Mayor Cllr. John Dennis

PC BOB PYLE has retired as Hedon’s neighbourhood policeman for 14 years. Hedon Town Council organised a reception at the Town Hall to honour the PC on Tuesday 22nd April. The council presented him with a Hedon Shield in recognition of his services to the town and the local area.

Hedon Mayor John Dennis paid this tribute to Bob:

Members of the Town Council and I are sad to see PC Bob Pyle leaving us after all this time. He has become an integral part of the fabric of our town, and although not a resident, he has given us 14 years excellent service as our own Neighbourhood PC. He has been there at virtually all the important community and civic events since the year 2000, ensuring the safety of our residents, the Town Councillors and other officials, and the many VIP’s and civic dignitaries who attend parades and services during the year.

Bob's retirement cakeDuring the ‘CCTV for Hedon’ campaign, which I was proud to lead in the late ‘90’s, Bob was actively involved in the action group, and indeed he expertly wrote the bid to the Communities Funding Organisation which resulted in us obtaining a Grant of £40,000 which fully covered the cost of the new CCTV system of 12 cameras around the centre of the town.

“Hedon has a lot to thank PC Bob Pyle for, not only on that project, but also for being instrumental in helping to secure a large police presence at both of the HOTI Marches back in 2006 and 2009. Without that support, the parades could not have taken place, and who knows we may have had that monstrous incinerator built at Saltend.

“I felt it important to formally recognise Bob’s contribution to our community in his years at Hedon Police Station, and I was pleased to present him with the Hedon Shield at the reception in the Town Hall, which was attended by members of the Council, and his colleagues, Inspector Mark Coulthard, and PCSO Mandy Foster.

In these days when police officers come and go with increasing regularity, we have been very fortunate indeed to have been able to rely upon PC Pyle when we have needed him, and his constant support has been much appreciated.

“On behalf of the Hedon Town Council, the Town Clerk and staff, I wish Bob, and his wife Julie, a long and a happy retirement.”

The marvellous retirement cake was made by Annette Jarvis, from the Christian Ministry, Kings Trust.

A little known fact, but one which shows the respect and support that PC Pyle had in the area, is that the most heavily shared articles on the Hedon Blog, are the ones where Bob had offered crime prevention advice. His advice on Parcel Delivery Fraud for example, was shared a remarkable 724 times on Facebook – that’s 724 people opting to share the information on their Facebook timelines, which undoubtedly was then shared even further via that social network.

On behalf of the Hedon Blog and its readers – Thank You, Bob for everything! Enjoy your retirement!

2 thoughts on “PC Bob Pyle – Neighbourhood bobby retires

  1. Bob did a great job. But he hasnt been replaced. And the Police Commissioner is now planning a major cutback in police numbers and police stations in the rural parts of the county.. see yesterdays Hull Daily Mail – due to central government cuts in funding. We are seeing our most essential services Police, Ambulance and Fire all being adversely affected by these cuts now… The Tories cannot be trusted with our most basic services – Police, Fire, Ambulance service and of course the NHS.

  2. Bob Pyle was something very special to Hedon. He embodied the ethos of old fashioned police work whilst keeping up with modern developments. He knew this town and its people so well and his friendly face encouraged contact – so helpful when you need police support. Thank you, Bob. May your retirement be a wonderful time for you; you will be missed.

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