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Council Review – Property Committee Report

Annual Review of the town council’s Property Committee – from the superb to the distressing…

THE recent Annual Town Meeting received a report reviewing the work of Hedon Town Council’s Property Committee. The report had been written by chair of the committee, Councillor Allen Marshall, who had been unable to attend the meeting, so the report was read out by vice chair Councillor Neil Black. We include some highlights here:

Having been elected only in December 2013, Cllr Marshall gave his thanks to Jim Lindop, for his work and efforts undertaken as the previous chair of the committee.

The committee is responsible for pockets of land in the town (listed on the council’s website this includes: Two fields in Ivy Lane adjacent to the cemetery, Horsewell on Ivy Lane, Watson Park and Elsie Gate Field [of which the council are Trustees]). Although not having enough land available for more car parks, the committee has had a small influence on vehicle parking in the area through creating new parking spaces including two in Market Place and two at Market Hill.

Skate park being used
Skate park and extension

The committee is responsible for the upkeep of the Town Hall and the toilet facilities shared with the Alexandra Hall. The toilets had been recently refurbished and the resulting facilities were described as “superb”. 

The new Skate Park extension built during the year is proving very popular with its young users, but the council was concerned about the quality and maintenance of the completed project and was involved in minor negotiations with the manufacturer regarding this.

The provision of litter bins is another responsibility of the council overseen by the committee, and another was to be placed at the play park on Far Bank, but unlike others in the town, it would be serviced (waste collected and cleaned) by Hedon Town Council staff wearing appropriate protective clothing.

Elsie Gate - "criminal damage"Elsie Gate: Like many other passers-by, councillors had been distressed at seeing the recent criminal damage to the Elsie Gate caused by “rampant youths” in a motor vehicle. The committee will be investigating how the damage can be best rectified.

The above is only a summary of the report given based on observation at the Annual Town Meeting on 17th April 2014 and should not be treated as any official record of decisions taken by Hedon Town Council.

4 thoughts on “Council Review – Property Committee Report

  1. AJ , my comments were meant in a sarcastic manner, i too would be appalled at building on this land, as i was when they built those appalling mock Tudor mansions opposite the cemetary, I would like to see some new social housing built in the area as opposed to new houses for the rich and powerful. were to build them is the question. We keep giving planning permission for the wrong things , care homes, places for the elderly that increase demand on our services especially the doctors, what about our youth and local families who cant afford to buy or rent from private landlords because of extortionate rents. Many lifelong residents of Hedon who are having to move away because of the lack of investment by E.R.Y.C in social housing.families who have lived here for generations are out priced.

    1. To my mind, the problem is not lack of housing – there is a fair bit of small, relatively cheap property in the area. The trouble lies with moneyed folk buying these houses and then immediately putting them up for rent (usually to the same market of unfortunate people who can’t find a house to buy that they can afford!)…I know as I was one of these renters. A case in point was a cottage on Sheriff Highway sold recently; it would have made a great first home but was sold very quickly and a ‘to let’ sign went up within days. Another home gone…

  2. As a person who was involved in raising funds to buy the Elsie Gate field so that it could be kept as a natural meadow. I’m appalled that anyone could suggest building houses on it. The field and small wood filled with snowdrops looks great. The council have done well here. Shame about the damage caused by reckless people

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