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Doubts cast over Horsewell Pond restoration in Hedon

OPEN FORUM: First indication from Hedon Town Council that the project to restore Horsewell Pond might not go ahead…

The OPEN FORUM at the Town Council’s recent Annual Town Meeting saw doubts being raised over whether the project to restore Horsewell Pond will ever be completed.

Pond Volunteers - Jan 2012
Pond Volunteers – Jan 2012

During the Open Forum at the Annual Meeting, Jim Lindop asked what decisions had been taken by the working group established by the council to make progress on the project to restore Horsewell Pond.

After hearing that the group had not yet met, Mr Lindop said that advice received by him from the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust had suggested that no work could be taken at the pond until November through to February in a year, because of the activity of animals and amphibians at the site. He said the council had missed its window of opportunity to complete the restoration.

Town Mayor and chairman of the council, Cllr John Dennis, responded by saying that the council had to look carefully at the project: “The pond never really had a ‘former glory’ ” he said “and we need to decide whether it’s wise to continue to throw money at it. There’s no proper supply of water, and we need to determine whether a scheme to supply water will actually work.”

This has been the first indication from the council that the project to restore Horsewell Pond might not go ahead – and although a decision will be based on the feasibility and costs of the project, this will certainly disappoint those supporters of restoration and those volunteers that have already helped out on the project.

3 thoughts on “Doubts cast over Horsewell Pond restoration in Hedon

  1. Its existed as a pond for many years , when we was at school it was so well filled the rumour was it was bottomless, so those saying things like it was never really a proper pond should ask people who have lived here for many generations. The people responsible for blocking/stopping / or altering how the pond filled up before should be challenged with paying for it to be restored, Or is it down to (ile buy off with a good causes charity fund) Yorkshire water. Well if thats the case seems we have seen the end of our lovely pond , well done to those concerned.

  2. I was very disappointed to hear the mayor make his comments as he was one of the main supporters of my wife and I trying to restore the pond following neglect for many years . To reiterate a swale (shallow ditch) feeds water from Market Hill into a natural filter. This filter is approx 3m in front of the seat, it is approx 2m deep and 3 to 4m square, it was lined and filled with aggregate then covered with top soil, water should flow through it into the pond. Yes there may be a problem with the filter, however there is a natural spring in the west corner
    As to never having a former glory I have photographs and many memories of lovely full pond which was a credit to Hedon. As I have said on numerous occasions the weeds and reeds need to be physically hand dug out, which will cost nothing. It will be shocking if the pond is once again neglected.

    1. That pond is full of memories for all of the people who grew up in Hedon. It is one of our important historical locations. Part of our identity.

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