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The Volume Wars! by Jim Uney

Whist watching TV this makes Jim’s blood boil: “…enjoyment contaminated by stupid wassocks playing interfering loud music during so many programmes…”

“THE VOLUME WARS HAVE STILL NOT FINISHED!” says Jim Uney in the first of an occasional series of Sunday articles exploring the issues that make the blood boil of some Hedon residents. Jim Uney kicks us off… and you can almost imagine him shouting this at the television set!

Loud noise cartoon2The war which raged between music producers and engineers in the nineteen nineties as to who could produce, and get away with making the loudest noise possible, seems to have spilled over into many aspects of television production, especially regarding the use of music in documentaries, There exists the widespread stupid obsession of playing music during this type of television programme on most channels.

Have ethnographic studies been done by the industry to understand the true impact on what designers call “the human factor”, particularly for those who rely on it the most, the hard of hearing and elderly? I will happily give input or take part in their design research, although a colleague voices the opinion that it is probably managed by a team of ten badly dressed youths with their jeans halfway down their posterior, with their ears filled or covered by dustbin lid sized headphones so large that they have to wear a neck brace merely to stay upright.

Approximately ten million people in the United Kingdom suffer some degree of hearing loss, this figure is expected to rise to fourteen and a half million by 2031. This figure will include elderly people already bracketed under a statement by The Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt who said that “five million people in this country suffer such loneliness that they regard TV as their main form of company” which is a disgrace in itself, why then should these unfortunate people suffer more grief by having their enjoyment contaminated by stupid wassocks playing interfering loud music during so many programmes?

Television producers are victimising hard of hearing people by encouraging this ridiculous habit to be included in their productions in ever-increasing numbers of documentary type programmes, I consider this a practice of such monumental stupidity which is difficult to believe is taking place.

I imagine other people in a similar position as myself suffer the same frustration during programmes. when unnecessary continuous music is played that interest is lost, because the dialogue cannot be heard above the din! The use of subtitles cannot be used whenever other people are also viewing, plus most hearing aid users would hear if some pillock wasn’t playing a rendition such as Rachmaninov’s Rhapsody of a Theme by Paganini at full blast at the same time.

The history of the cinema shows that music was included in the silent movie days to mask out the sound of the projector running, What are the producers excuses now I wonder!

Considering what achievements have been completed in producing a near perfect picture where one can detect imperfections above an actresses top lip, even after spending half a day in make up. It is now time to turn to the audio problems in television manufacture, and provide viewers with the option of removing unwanted background music, leaving the dialogue uncluttered.

Programme makers employ so-called celebrities to narrate the story lines and then produce synthesized rubbish to quell any chance of anyone actually hearing their comments, I cannot believe that my television still has a complete screen, It’s a wonder that it hasn’t had a brick through it by now. If I were to attend a performance by a renowned Chamber Music ensemble in Hull City Hall and proceeded to sing “Moon River” or Nat King Cole’s “Unforgettable” throughout, then I would fully expect to be forcibly ejected, so why should I have my living room invaded by some cretin playing bloody music while I’m trying to listen to what I want!

In my opinion loud background music is not required, it does nothing to enhance the artistic content of a production, Is it played therefore to detract from the poor quality material on offer, or have the makers made a clandestine agreement with members of the music industry to include such unmitigated tripe?

Jim Uney, Hedon.
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  1. Jiim,

    !8 out of 10 for your views on this. But will the programme Producers take a scrap of notice? – don’t hold your breathe……………..Cheers, Malc. …

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