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Ripley brings Rugby Reminiscences!

More Ripley’s Reminiscences today with a photograph of a Hedon Rugby League team from around 1925…..

WE TICKLE those memory cells today with the latest of Malc Ripley’s nostalgic photographs.

This old photograph is of Hedon Sports Rugby League team taken about 1925.

Back – Fred King, ?, ?, ?, Heward Hopper, ?,?,?, Bill Everingham, C Whitner, ?.
Front – ?, Tom Gant, ?, Jim Brunneye, ?, and Arthur Ripley.

Hedon Rugby League 1925
Click photo for a larger version

“Note all the different coloured shirts, must have been very confusing……..” – Malc Ripley

As ever, if you can help put some names to unknown team members, it will be greatly appreciated!

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