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Windmill-shaped flower beds to greet visitors to Hedon

THE ROUNDABOUT coming into Hedon from Hull Road is to be improved under an East Riding Council funded programme to improve key routes into towns and tourist areas…..

Greeting visitors to Hedon
Greeting visitors to Hedon

THE ROUNDABOUT coming into Hedon from Hull Road is to be improved under an East Riding Council funded programme to improve key routes into towns and tourist areas.

The four-year roundabout programme will see ‘artworks’ created on roundabouts in Bridlington, Beverley, Goole as well as Hedon in 2014. The intention is to promote each area and provide a sense of civic pride.

The roundabout at Hull Road, Hedon (A1033) will feature two raised triangular windmill shaped beds located between the chevron signs where they can be clearly seen. The beds are to be planted with evergreen shrubs towards the centre of the roundabout with a mixture of perennial plants at the front facing the road. This will provide a traditional garden scene to be enjoyed all year round. Work is anticipated to be completed by May.

The roundabout will be “transformed using low-maintenance, sustainable planting schemes combined with hard landscaping designs” according to the council.

The scheme will also boost opportunities for business sponsorship of council roundabouts. Councillor Chris Matthews, the East Riding Council cabinet portfolio holders for highways, said: “The project helps the council to attract interest from businesses, which has resulted in an increase in private sponsorship of council-maintained roundabouts, helping the authority to maintain grounds maintenance provision.”

Annual roundabout sponsorship is available from the East Riding Council from £3,000 + VAT depending on traffic flow. This includes the cost of planning permission and signage manufacture and installation.

12 thoughts on “Windmill-shaped flower beds to greet visitors to Hedon

  1. Has anyone seen the roundabout of many pounds, apparently there was 4 men working on it all day Saturday…(is that overtime) …however its coming on now really starting to resemble ermmm ………are we really supposed to believe this is a good use of public money, Ive just been told someone needing a stanner chair lift has to wait 18 months?? what are they supposed to do while they wait?? makes my blood boil…

  2. Evergreen shrubs and perennial plants…BORING! Why not try doing something a bit different to every other dull municipal planting scheme? For example – Sussex University have just published their results of a study of wildflower planting in urban areas. Hoverflies multiplied 13-fold and get this: bumblebees increased by over 50 times! Flora like cornflowers, poppies and ox-eye daisies are easy to grow (I used to start them from seed in big swathes when I had a larger garden) and thereafter will seed themselves with a bit of discriminatory weeding. In fact they love thin poor soil; no doubt they’d resist the inevitable scattering of litter that would soon appear! Many (sub)urban schemes seem to be planned by people who don’t actually love gardening or appreciate the symbiotic affect it can have on the local environment. Hmm, can I feel a stirring of my inner guerilla gardener? This is a joke Ray I’m not encouraging a green-fingered revolution!

      1. Resentment of anything boring really Ray – even the most mundane things can be made interesting with a bit of effort. Look how you inspire comment with the Blog; passions run high in many folk’s breasts, you just need to give people the opportunity to express it.
        PS. If this roundabout is awash with cornflowers next summer you’ll know who did it!

  3. What a total waste of money that could be better spent repairing the roads. The potholes (I use that phrase loosely as they are more crater like) on Hedon road are horrendous and must cause damage to cars on a daily basis. Why do Councils insist on wasting our money?

  4. Just a polite reminder that we prefer those leaving comments to use their full name please (rather than just first names or pseudonyms) – Thanks.

    Ray (Editor)

  5. well if its anything like that one on Hedon road near the ferry terminal it will be a right mess….we call that one the roundabout of many pounds …how about we leave it as it is and keep a carer in work looking after an old person somewere…..this type of money waste makes my blood boil…thinking of standing for east riding council in 2015 …this sort of thing would be on my hit list .

  6. Never mind spending money making roundabouts look pretty. Lets concentrate on the more important issues of improving the newly approved walk to school route from Thorngumbald and keep our children safe

  7. I’ve noticed how they’ve pegged it out. Will look good. Shame Hedon Town Council cut their budget for tree planting.

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