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Back to business for Hedon Town Council

It was ‘back to business’ for the council following the recent election which secured a full complement of twelve councillors once again…

NEW COUNCILLORS Colin Billany and Terry West were warmly welcomed to their first meeting of Hedon Town Council last night. It was ‘back to business’ for the council following the recent election which has led to full complement of twelve councillors once again.

A discussion on the amenity areas on Far Bank (Draper’s Lane) took up most of the meeting, with the following considerations:

  • litter binA prior decision by East Riding Council not to service any new litter bins (which also serve as dog bins) if they were too far from the road caused consternation from some councillors who felt the area was poorly serviced. The new skate park was already littered claimed one councillor. The play park in particular needed a litter bin, said another, referring to the possible health risks from dog fouling to children who played there . ‘Litter bins’ and the issues around them were to feature on  the council’s next agenda.
  • Skate park: The site still needs to ‘settle’ following the recent construction of the extension and the track to the site needs to be re-seeded after being churned up. The council agreed to a £5,000 final payment to the contractors be held back; this retention to ensure that any snagging problems are sorted.
  • The Mayor (Cllr John Dennis) and Chair of the Property Committee (Cllr Alan Marshall) were to be asked to take a lead in arranging a formal opening of the skate park. As previously agreed, those young people involved in initiating the project should be invited and recognised for their efforts.
  • Regular inspections by council staff had ensured that the amenity area was in good condition, and generally clean and tidy.
Water at Horsewell Pond!
Swale holding the water that leads to the pond – but will it retain water?

The Horsewell Pond was currently holding water due to the wet weather, but it was still unsure if the capacity was there to retain water. It was reported that the pond was alive with lots of amphibians and newts at the moment, and any further work on the site (including staff clearing it of rubbish) needed to be conducted carefully. Yorkshire Wildlife Trust had previously advised on the pond and the council needed to speak to them again. Issue to be placed on the next agenda.

Land immediately to the south of the Haven Arms was owned by the council but used by customers of the pub (and by other visitors) as a parking area. This situation had developed over a period of time. However, as landowners the council needed to be concerned about its public liability and other responsibilities regarding the use of the site.

It had been proposed at an earlier meeting that the Town Council explore the idea of leasing the land to the Haven Arms, or offering licence terms, through which the pub would manage the site whilst ownership would remain with the public via the council. It was agreed that discussions to look at possible leasing/licensing arrangement take place, and a report be brought to the next meeting

Allotments: The Town Council exercises a duty to provide allotments (or encourage others to provide them) and is looking at sites where new allotments might be located. It was agreed that land behind the cemetery be considered once again. Additionally, landowners at Station Lane (owned by the Roman Catholic Diocese), and the landowner/leaseholder at the fields on Draper’s Lane (former Hedon AFC ground) be contacted for exploratory discussions.

Bus Trip to York: Places are still left on the community trip to the National Railway Museum in York. Takes place next Tuesday 18th February 2014 (See: Hedon to York Bus Trip).

The footpath at the top of Ketwell Lane
The footpath at the top of Ketwell Lane

Ketwell Lane/Hedon Primary School footpath: The Town Clerk Mrs Richardson had noted from the Hedon Blog concerns about a muddy footway to Hedon Primary School. She had contacted Andrew Chudley the East Riding Council’s Countryside Access Officer who said that the perimeter footway at the top of Ketwell Lane was not a public right of way, therefore there was nothing the ERYC council could do. It was suggested that the school might be responsible for the footway?

Another footway (mentioned on the Blog) linking Ivy Lane with the existing tarmac pathway leading to New Road was a public bridleway, and whilst not the responsibility of Hedon Town Council, it had been possible for the council to lay some compacted chippings on its surface and improve it.

Note: The above is taken from observing the meetings at the Hedon Town Council and should not be taken as any official notice of decisions by Hedon Town Council.

For further information…

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4 thoughts on “Back to business for Hedon Town Council

  1. Sorry Sarah, we found Great Crested Newts there last year, these are protected, this is why you can only work on the pond when amphibians are not there, which is approx November to Feb or early March, however its been mild so they are back now, so the chance to dig reeds out has been missed. The council are not going to talk about the pond it until March.

  2. Readers will know that as a councillor Horsewell Pond was a major project that my wife and I undertook, as it had been neglected by the council for a decade. With the council providing financial support and the help of Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and support of BP RUFC, a mechanical digger dug the pond out constructing two ponds, weeds and reeds were removed, the old pond liner was removed because this covered a spring, a natural filters was constructed with water run off from Market Hill via a swale (shallow ditch).
    Sue and I purchased hundreds of daffodil bulbs which children from Ketwell School planted.
    I reported to the council in November saying what needed to happen next was the weeds and reeds within the pond had to be hand dug out within the window of opportunity which is Nov until beginning of March or when the newts and frogs are dormant and not within the pond, BP rugby club were willing to do the work.
    I attempted to ask the council what they had put in place to progress this issue at the public meeting recently, as any work should be done now, no answer was forthcoming .
    The council decided to leave it to the chairman and put the issue on the next agenda in March. The Clerk said she was informed that the newts are back in the pond. The reeds needed to be removed to stop there spread and they do take up great amounts of water.
    Therefore they have missed to chance to progress the issue, unless Yorkshire Wildlife Trust advise otherwise no work can take place until possibly November.

    1. I note that Hedon Town Council is targeting land on Station Lane for use as allotments. This land, owned by the Roman Catholic Diocese, is, and has been, used constantly for grazing for many years. The horses and foals provide much pleasure and interest for countless people, especially children. Would it be the Council’s intention to try to deprive the current leaseholder of continued use of this field by, either compulsory termination or non-renewal of his lease? If so, I think that would be unfair and so do others to whom I have spoken.
      The report did not state how many people have applied for an allotment or how long they have been waiting. Also, how frequently is the waiting list reviewed to ascertain whether long-term applicants remain interested?

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