The drawing by Jim Lindop showing the concept of Hedon Eco Park - based on a plan seen by him
Drawing by Jim Lindop showing the concept of Hull Eco Park – based on a plan seen by him

PLANS for the Hull Eco Park on the old Hedon Aerodrome site have been seen by Hedon resident and former town councillor Jim Lindop. He says the preliminary plans suggest a development by Lateral Power that is far bigger than previously thought and would encompass land from Staithes Road in the west to as far east as Fairfax Avenue in Hedon.

Lateral Power, which describes itself as “a group of UK and Canadian industry professionals”, have obtained sole negotiating rights from Hull City Council on the land at the former Hedon Aerodrome site.

The plan suggests that the Eastside Sports Centre will be demolished to make way for a biomass power station, but a new sports ground will be rebuilt in the north-eastern part of the site.

Mr Lindop has produced a drawing of the plan based on his recollection of it. The drawing shows the majority of the site committed to ‘Aquaponics food production’. This combines aquaculture with hydroponics, to raise or grow farmed fish crops, snails, crayfish or prawns in tanks.

Mr Lindop said of the plan:

Jim Lindop
Jim Lindop

“There are Aquaponics structures or ponds from the west of the old Airport buildings now a dance studio, to the rear of the Kingstown Hotel taking up 50% of the field towards Preston and at the rear of this going back to the old railway line it shows Agriculture/Aquaculture.

“It shows a newly constructed sports ground bordering the old railway line to the rear of Twyers Park/Princess Ave.

“All these structures or ponds are shielded by what is described as a ‘Linear Park’ from Saltend flyover all the way into Hedon ending about the rear of Fairfax Avenue. The linear park I assume is landscaping or trees.

“Up to Fairfax Ave, it shows a ‘sustainable agricultural zone’, I have no idea what that is.

“The site will be accessed by constructing a new road on the old railway line from Staithes Lane, I do not know where it ends.”

Google Map showing the possible development area
Google Map showing the possible development area

The Lateral Power website indicates that its Eco Parks require a minimum of 40 acres for each site with good port, road and rail access. It describes its sustainable food production plans, thus:

“Lateral Power gains efficiencies utilising the waste heat and CO2 generated from our power generation plants in Eco Parks that sit along side the power plant.

“The super heated hot water is engineered to feed cold stores for high value foods, the warm water feeds a specialist fish farm and the soiled water from the fish combined with the CO2 from the power plant feed a greenhouse hydroponics centre; producing lettuce and a variety of vegetables…

“…The objective of each of our eco park projects is to provide profits from the production of “green” power and sustainable electricity for the UK power grid. In addition we will produce healthy fresh grown food products; provide employment and sustainable income for local residents, whilst reducing the carbon footprint from the importation of food from overseas.”

Jim Lindop says that the plan he saw is not a ‘secret’, but it is ‘preliminary’ and subject to changes before any planning application is submitted. He did not reveal the source of the plan.

The Hedon Blog e-mailed Lateral Power via its website on 6th February 2014 and enquired if the company wished to give a public update on its plans for the site and how close they were to opening up public consultation. So far, they haven’t responded.


5 thoughts on “Eco Park on Hedon Aerodrome site – Plan seen suggests big development

  1. I’m puzzled as to why Hull thought that Lateral Power Ltd was a company worthy of giving a contract to as it has no trading record in the UK, thus doesn’t need to show how much capital it has.

    Google Satellite Map shows that the Registered Office seems to be an ordinary domestic residential house: Registered Office DAIRY FARM BUILDINGS, SAIGHTON LANE, CHESTER CH3 6EG

    The website of Lateral Power Ltd states it has an agreement for a Welsh Eco Parc but I can find no public mention of the arrangement after October 2011. The “green” images on its website seem to be all smoke and mirrors as there are no explanatory notes or place names, etc., and could just be random photographs of any place on earth.

    I’ve previously used the same arguments as these Welsh Eco critics, who also say that importing Canadian wood across thousands of miles isn’t very “green”.

    As the Eco Park will be using Canadian timber, I’m presuming that the company has some form of Canadian shareholding and that Hull Council has been given assurances regarding sustainability. I’m also presuming that the director of Lateral Power Ltd UK has approached the government for a taxpayer funded grant – as outlined on this website:


    Here’s the website which outlines where to get support and grants for various “green” projects,15133&_dad=portal&_schema=portal

    Basically taxpayers fund the green project and that project uses part of the energy it produces on its own goods and sells the remaining energy back to the taxpayer via the grid.

    Is this a zero rateable business? Will Hedon/East Riding gain any monetary return?

  2. We want to keep the green space between us and Hull, whether its called Hedon Aerodrome or Racecourse, but bare in mind if this development gets the go ahead and they build the new sports ground and clubhouse, then the only access is via saltend roundabout, staithes lane, then down the new road, planned on the site of the old railway line. So for this to be viable they will need access via Fairfax Drive (thanks Janet) or where the line exits onto Preston Rd/Station lane or another access point could be Farrand Rd. I was told that amongst those attending were representatives of Hull City and East Riding.

  3. I can tell you now , the people of Hedon will fight any development on this piece of land known as race course. This is a disgrace and i would like to know what our councillors both east riding and Town are doing to oppose this .

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