A MUDDY FOOTPATH around Hedon Primary School is the subject of a complaint by Thomas Hayton.

He asks: “Why oh why, as a father of three, do I have to take my children across a muddy footpath just to get into school?

“Ketwell lane is the easiest and safest way, then you have to walk all the way around the school perimeter fence which is always wet and muddy. It’s even worse when I have to take my pram, surely the council can do something as the school don’t want to do anything about it.

“I take a lot of pride in my children being neat and tidy for school.”

We’ve taken this photograph – which was on a dry day – to highlight Mr Hayton’s point about the muddy path.

The footpath at the top of Ketwell Lane
The footpath at the top of Ketwell Lane

Note: You can always report things quickly to the East Riding Council on Fix My Street.

6 thoughts on “Ketwell Lane – “Muddy footpath” complaint

  1. These paths ways really need attention especially the one that goes from Farrand road alongside the drain, through the kissing gate and across the grass to the bottom of Ivy Lane. Yesterday, I saw 2 people (1 of them a child) slip near the kissing gate right next to the FULL drain. This is really dangerous and it’s only a matter of time before someone ends up in there. It is extremely full and a child could easily drown in the water

  2. I agree Thomas! It is terrible. I have three children in school and I find walking to and from a nightmare. Not only is it a mess being dragged into school, cars and homes it is now a safety issue, as today we were slipping all over it is that boggy. Also, I had to help a friend lift her pushchair over the worst bits so that she could get into the school grounds.
    People saying we should just walk round- easier said than done! That would then make more of a safety issue because there is no footpath from church lane to Ivy Lane.
    There are three entrances to the school- these entrances should all be easily accessible.

  3. I made the same complaints about bottom of Ivy Lane which has the same problem crossing muddy grass to reach footpath that leads to New Road. This was published in Hedonblog. Hedon Town Council apparently considered the issue and decided to do nothing. Very disappointed but let’s hope this further highlights this regular problem which affects so many of us

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