Lost earring – have you found it?

A 9 carat gold stud earring has been lost in Hedon on Saturday 1st February by a lady walking her dog – have you found it….?

Google map of area
Google map

A 9 CARAT gold stud earring has been lost on Saturday 1st February 2014.

The owner, Kathy, lost the earring whilst out walking her dog in the St Anthony’s Drive/Park, Watson Drive, Magdalen Lane, Clough Garth, Brevere Road, Beck Garth, the green area at the back of the garths, Holcroft Garth, Inmans Road and Fewson Garth areas.

Kathy feels she is clutching at straws by contacting the Hedon Blog, but is desperate to find it.

If anyone has found the earring, contact email katiesmb@hotmail.com or tel 07718 997 312. Reward for safe return.

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