Mobile Phone SymbolSOME MOBILE PHONE operations suffered during the holiday period in Hedon with certain network operators crashing according to some of our readers.

Did you suffer a breakdown or a patchy service at any time during the period Christmas Eve to New Year’s Day in Hedon and area? If so please let us know which service you are with and the dates you definitely knew that the service was down or at fault.

We want to find out the scale of the problem over the holiday period.

Rather leave a comment or fill in our e-mail form below:

Thank you to those that have completed the above e-mail form with your updates. There has been a widespread disruption of the O2 network service over the Christmas period which seems to have resulted from mobile phone masts been out of action. Some O2 customers have complained and received compensation for this loss of service, so it’s definitely worth letting O2 know of any distress caused by the loss of service at

As well as e-mail, we also had lots of useful feedback on Facebook – just click-through to see the public comments:

3 thoughts on “Bad mobile phone reception?

  1. We’ve updated the article above. There was a widespread disruption of the O2 network service over Christmas and O2 customers who have complained have received compensation amounts – from the £3.50 mentioned by Neil, right up to £32 for 5 days loss of service.

    Definitely worth complaining!

  2. Poor reception most of Christmas till after new year, went into the O2 shop, they said the high winds had damaged the transmitting equipment

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