Dead fish Haven Arms footbridge 4th Jan 2013FOLLOWING reports yesterday from our reader Alex (3rd Jan 2014) of dead fish floating in the water in the Burstwick Drain in the stretch from the Hedon flyover behind Havenside to the Haven Arms, we took the walk along the bank to have a look.

This photograph was taken from the Haven Arms footbridge and we spotted perhaps another six dead fish along this stretch of waterway.

No dead fish were spotted either side of this stretch, but we would like readers to keep an eye out on our local waterways.

Please report any further large numbers of dead fish to the Environment Agency; it may be an incidence of water pollution.

Note: It is assumed that water pollution comes from places like factories, farms and industrial sources. Yet, according to the Environment Agency, in many cases the pollution comes from a much less obvious source – our homes. Incorrect plumbing could mean that waste water from dishwashers, washing machines, sinks, baths and even toilets is flushed directly into a local waterway. These *‘mis-connected’ pipes are a common cause of pollution to rivers and streams, especially in towns and cities. And of course quite often people with such ‘mis-connected’ pipes will be unaware of such problems.

*Advice is available on this at the Environment Agency website at water pollution from your home.

Causing or permitting pollution may result in a fine of up to £50,000, prosecution and expensive clean up costs!

Incidents of large numbers of dead or dying fish should be reported to the Environment Agency on 0800 80 70 60.

4 thoughts on “Dead fish in Havenside drain – January 2014

  1. Hi Graham. regarding Saltend, I know that there is now no way they can send waste water, or anything else for that matter, to Hedon drain. All the lines are removed. Have been for ages..I think your idea about a private Mobile tanker could well be the culprit.. You should try to get samples of the water if you can. I could get em tested for ya.

    1. hello Dale I was actually referring to the waste water treatment plant not saltend chemical works, it would be nice to know what level of business they do with private companies to understand the amount of mobile waste tankers attracted to our area.
      The environment agency have tested lots of samples over previous events with various results.
      Happy new year

  2. Here we go again . As the pollution seems to be restricted to specific stretch it again it looks like its the work of mobile waste tankers. This is why the environment agency find it difficult to pinpoint that and the tidal cake walk affect of the waterway. Are we content to live with an open sewer running through our town ?. Is it time the police got involved ?. Whilst I appreciate the difficulties for them also they could ask some questions . For example of the waste water management at saltend , ie. How many private companies use them to process waste?. How much does it cost ?.At times when they are closed do they have cctv monitoring the entrance ?. The scenario I imagine is a driver turning up with his tanker full of crap and a couple of hundred quid in his pocket and finds them closed . its only about a mile to a pull in near the Burstwick drain and he saves his cash and solves his problem . Just one theory but something is unnatural is causing this and someone knows what it is.

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