Aspirational plans to be discussed by Town Council

Local transport, community events, winter services, a funding Wish List…. at tonight’s Council meeting…. (Thurs 12th Dec 2013), through the doors, up the stairs…

THE TOWN HALL hosts four meetings of Hedon Town Council this evening.

Included in the agendas are a number of items that deserve particular mention.

Winter services - see below
Winter services – see below

Local Transport – An idea originally proposed by Councillor Neil Black in May 2013, and initially greeted with incredulity, is still firmly on the agenda. The proposal involves creating a transport service which would go round the town regularly and provide an easy way for residents from the outer areas (Leaf Sail, Inmans, Westlands, etc) to get into the town centre, rather than using their cars. This would free up car parking spaces elsewhere in the town.

The Working Group of councillors have contacted transport companies and have spoken to transport professionals from the East Riding Council for advice, and have even drawn up a map of the proposed route. The financing of such a service has always been the unresolved issue, and the Working Group has been briefed with the task of exploring the options. The latest progress report is expected this evening.

Funding Wish List – When new funding streams become available, Hedon Town Council wishes to be in a position where it can respond quickly and submit relevant applications, rather than having to discuss ‘current needs’ every time a new financial source becomes available.

In response the council is drawing up a Wish List of priorities that might be funded, should a relevant source of funding become available and the council is successful in applying for it.

The council is listing its priorities and allocating a likely cost to each. At the last meeting the council had drawn up a wish list of some £150,000 worth of projects. There will be an update at the meeting tonight.

Events Committee – The sale of the Hedon Calendar is helping to draw in funding that can underwrite future community events. This evening a proposal from Councillor Sarah Rommell is being tabled to hold a series of events specifically aimed to benefit children that have special needs.

Winter Services – The issues of how Hedon deals with winter (gritting, salting, etc) and tackles snow and ice is stipulated in the town’s Emergency Plan. A meeting of the Emergency Planning Committee will look at aspects of the plan dealing with winter.

Hedon Town Council meetings are open to the public to attend and observe. The first meeting starts at 7:15pm, the others take place subsequently.

Visit: www.hedon.gov.uk

2 thoughts on “Aspirational plans to be discussed by Town Council

  1. The council need to revisit the plans for a footbridge linking Leaf Sail with Bond Street this would reduce traffic on Inmans during the school runs massively. When the estate was built it was on the builders original plans to provide one but this got overlooked and although Hedon Town Council looked into this a couple of years ago it was dropped again because the builders had built near the proposed access point.

  2. The parking issues in Leaf Sail Farm need sorting before a fleet of minibuses start doing the rounds, Cromwell Road and Cleve Road need widening and also these roads will need gritting in winter as it’s usually an ice rink.

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