Hedon is where it’s ‘happening’ for 2014

An impressive programme of community events for Hedon has been drawn up for 2014 by the council’s new Events group…

Hedon - place to live for something to do

THE NEW Working Group established by the Town Council to arrange a programme of community events for Hedon, has drawn up an impressive line-up of events for 2014. If all goes as planned, then there will be an event taking place in almost each month of the year.

The Working Group has set itself the task of organising a series of smaller community events throughout the year that can appeal to a wide variety of people and interests. The events being arranged for next year, are:

  • February – Family coach trip to York museum during half term holiday
  • March – Cake bake
  • May – Treasure hunt
  • June – Pet show
  • August – Golf day
  • September – Scarecrow walk
  • October – “Hedon’s got talent”

Councillor David Thompson said at the council meeting last Thursday that most of the original ideas for the events programme had arisen during chance conversations with people in the town.  This certainly provides a positive response to those who thought that there really isn’t very much going on in the town – Hedon is where it’s happening!

The idea is that each event should be self-financing and aim to bring in an income to pay for future events.

The list of events for next year is not yet complete, and one of the ideas under active consideration by the Working Group is for a Hedon 10k running event.

Expect to hear a lot more from this hard-working group of councillors!

2 thoughts on “Hedon is where it’s ‘happening’ for 2014

  1. Hi Malcolm
    Thanks for your suggestion . Although our events committee has only just been set up we have already been working hard in creating events for the residents, and any ideas are welcome. We are producing a Hedon calendar for 2014, which July has the picture of SHCC cricket in action. This should be on sale end of this month.
    As far as any ideas, please contact me so we can follow this up.
    Kind regards
    Cllr Di Storr.
    Events working group

  2. To Coun Thompson, RE:- : your good Community Events Programme, one idea? – but currently here only coming from myself as the SHCC Club Hon. Secretary and President, possibly for April 2014, the Club could? host a “Club Open Day” to demonstrate to possibly many local residents that HEDON DOES POSSESS A CRICKET CLUB, even though we as NOT actually called HEDON CC.

    The Club HAS existed in the Town since 1882, firstly behind the New Hall adjoining Sheriff Highway, before purchasing three paddocks in 1936/37 adjacent to Middle Lane, where we are now based, and with the land owned by our 131 year old established Club.

    Your thoughts would be welcomed!…………,Malc Ripley.

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