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Odours from Sewage Works – “difficult time over summer”

YORKSHIRE WATER hosted a meeting at Saltend on Tuesday to give information on progress with their odour mitigation measures at the Waste Water Treatment Works

YORKSHIRE WATER hosted a meeting at Saltend on Tuesday (24th September 2013) to give information on progress with their odour mitigation measures at the Waste Water Treatment Works at Saltend. Local councillor John Dennis and East Riding Environmental Health Officer Jonathan Smith were amongst those present.

Fire damaged OCU in June 2013
Fire damaged OCU in June 2013

Matt Thompson from Yorkshire Water gave his thanks to local residents for their support and patience during the last few weeks. “We have been through a difficult time over the summer since the fire destroyed the old OCU (odour control unit ),” he said, “we’ve installed two new temporary OCUs which are working fine, but we’ve also had problems with other components which led to an increase in odours over the summer.

“We have worked hard through the media and on our website to keep people updated on progress. We have sent regular e-mails out to local councillors and others keeping them informed of the latest news.

“In particular we would like to thank those who have rung through with odour reports. These reports have alerted us to problems, which we’ve then investigated and taken action on. This ongoing dialogue and communication with the public has been extremely helpful.”

Mr Thompson said that the critical period for the Saltend site is now over. While there are still some odour problems being recorded in the South West Holderness area, he says that not all those should be automatically attributed to the water works.

Longer-term odour reduction measures still have to be implemented at the Saltend waterworks and the best method of odour control is still being determined. Yorkshire Water is waiting on the results of the investigation into the fire at the original OCU before making that decision, it hopes to ensure that lessons are learnt from the incident.

Although Yorkshire Water is re-assuring us that the worst of the summer smells are over, they say any odour complaints should still be reported to them on their Customer Helpline on 0845 1 24 24 24.


Hedon Blog: Prior to the fire at the Waste Water Works in June, Yorkshire Water assured us that they were in a great position to anticipate and treat the expected increase in effluent going through the site during the pea season. It was extremely unfortunate that the fire happened when it did, but Yorkshire Water did react very quickly to implement temporary odour reduction measures.

However, the level of odour incidents during the summer has still been unacceptable. Anger amongst some local residents affected by the smells had grown to such an extent that ‘enough was enough’. The demand for more militant action against the company grew with calls for a demonstration outside the plant gates.

2011 was the year when days of action took place against the company in Hedon and Paull, it was the year that a 2,000+ strong petition demanded action against a statutory nuisance and the Wall of Shame served to remind Yorkshire Water of the anger and misery it was generating. It was the year that Yorkshire Water spent over £3.5m on odour mitigation measures.

Comments collected for the Wall of Shame in Hedon Market Place

2013, after a largely odour-free year previously, was the year of patiently reporting odours via the official phone numbers; it was the year when patience was stretched.

2014 should be the year that a long-term or permanent odour reduction solution is implemented; another summer of smells is likely to be fiercely resisted….

Sample from the Wall of Shame 2011 (click to enlarge):

Post it-95

5 thoughts on “Odours from Sewage Works – “difficult time over summer”

  1. THIS is to give NOTICE of a demonstration at the Saltend Yorkshire Water Sewage Works gates on a Saturday morning in AUGUST 2014 (time and exact date(s) to be decided but likely to be Saturday 2nd August).

    Prepare to make and bring your banners and placards….

    Once the date is set – the event will only be cancelled in the event the site does not emit foul odours in nearby communities!
    Report the Smells Box-001

  2. It’s foul. My family are not local and when they come to stay often comment on the smell in my garden, that’s aside from having to keep windows closed on hot days! I was watching a rugby match at Eastside sports ground last weekend and the stench was sickening. We had young babies and children there, supposedly enjoying the ‘fresh air’. I should be able to support the local rugby team without wanting to run for the car to get away from the methane. Sort it out Yorkshire Water. It’s not fair on local residents.

  3. It stinks. Even when driving past in the car I have to hold my nose.
    Why don’t they close it down and move it on the dock near to the river?
    Why don’t YW plant Lavender trees and other sweet smelling shrubs around the premise border?

  4. I am sorry, I cycle past this plant every day… It stinks, always stinks and always will stink.. just varying degrees of stink…. And who do east riding council tell us to contact about it.. YW.. the company that own it policing themselves… and that stinks more than the plant…. why aren’t affected people getting cheaper water rates as compensation.. especially when YW make massive prophet and don’t pay TAX….

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