Hedon Town Hall - built in  1692 - Council meets in the the Chamber through the doors and up the stairs
Hedon Town Hall – built in 1692 – Council meets in the the Chamber, through the doors and up the stairs

THE COUNCIL is discussing a packed agenda at its meeting on Thursday night including the Wednesday Market parking restrictions which caused such controversy when raised on the Hedon Blog’s Facebook page.

The meeting in the Town Hall, St Augustine’s Gate, starts at 7:15pm on Thursday 26th September 2013, and will be reviewing progress on some other issues that have been reported on the Blog recently, including:

There are actually three meetings taking place on Thursday in succession; the Planning Committee, the Finance & General Purposes Committee and the formal Hedon Town Council meeting which ratifies and empowers the decisions of the Committees.

The public are welcome to attend and observe the Hedon Town Councillors in action (although there may be occasional items from which the public and press are excluded).

Visit: Hedon Town Council

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  1. We hope within the next couple of weeks to be able to announce when work will commence on the new skate park on Far Bank, I only hope the weather is on our side.

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