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Paull Holme Tower – What happens next?

We encourage readers to visit the Exhibition: Saturday 17th or on Sunday 18th August 2013 at the Paull Church of St Andrew between 2:00pm – 4:00pm

Paull Holme Tower rear view
Paull Holme Tower ‘at risk’

THE HEDON BLOG considers itself a ‘Friend’ of Paull Holme Tower and therefore encourages local people to support the exhibition on today and tomorrow at the St Andrew Church in Paull (article reproduced from HU12 Online):

AN EXHIBITION about Paull’s little-known historic Paull Holme Tower will take place over the weekend 17th and 18th August 2013.

The 700-year-old tower was once part of a grand manor house complex and is a Grade 1 listed ancient monument. It was opened to the public for the first time ever in September 2011 as part of Heritage Open Days; tower owner Simon Taylor expected a few people would want to would attend but was truly gob-smacked when over 300 visitors turned up!

The Heritage Open Day visitors were mostly very impressed with the tower, but also alarmed at its chronic state of dis-repair. Paull Holme Tower is on English Heritage’s ‘at risk’ register which states that the building was last restored and re-roofed in 1871, but has remained roofless and open to the elements since the early 20th century. This has caused serious damage to the fabric of the tower.

However, the exhibition at St Andrew Church in Paull looks likely to provide some positive news about the future of this historic building.

Paull Holme TowerSimon Taylor told us: “Lots of you were very keen that the Tower should be saved and offered to help if you could in any way. Some of you wrote letters to English Heritage at York expressing your concerns over the condition of the Tower and that it should be saved.

“Well those letters helped show myself and English Heritage just how important Paull Holme Tower was and that we needed to get on and do something. So what happened next?

“English Heritage commissioned a report which they very graciously grant-aided 90%, to look at all the options for the Tower such as, leaving as a ruin, putting a roof on, turning into accommodation, building an extension, making a dwelling, extending further to provide a venue. The report costed all the options so as to show which options if any had any realistic chance of success.

“That report is now available for me to make public and share with the ‘Friends of Paull Holme Tower’.

St Andrew’s Church at Paull operates a café on Saturdays and Sundays from 2 till 4, from there you can start the Paull Heritage trail, they have the best ever cakes, the best free public access broadband in Holderness and the place is positively bubbling on a weekend. The church has very kindly agreed to host a display and exhibition showing the report and possible future for the Tower as part of their, ‘centre of the community’ ethos.”

“I hope you will come along and support the church and Paull Holme Tower, express your views and tell your friends. I would love to see you all again, in truth it is your enthusiasm that gives me the belief that the tower is important and worth saving and inspires me to keep going!”

We encourage readers to visit the Exhibition: Saturday 17th or on Sunday 18th August 2013 at the Paull Church of St Andrew between 2:00pm – 4:00pm – and become a friend of Paull Holme Tower.

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