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AFTER MONTHS of speculation news has emerged of intentions to build on the former Hedon airfield site to the west of Hedon/Preston South and – according to the reports – create 700 new jobs.

Councillor John Dennis reported at a Preston Parish Council meeting last night, that Hull City Council have awarded sole-negotiating rights on the land to a company who intend to build a biomas power plant, that would supply an eco-park consisting of a fish-farm and agriculture units.

The new company that will mange the project is Lateral Eco Parks Hull Ltd which was incorporated in March this year by Chester-based Lateral Power.

The biomass power station would burn wood chips imported from North America which would generate the electricity to power the fish farms and horticulture greenhouses. Lateral Power describe themselves on their website as “experts in biomass procurement and distribution” but at last night’s meeting Councillor Dennis felt that the scheme appeared “bonkers” and described the new proposed facility as an “all-singing, fancy-dancing cucumber plant!”

The incredulity of Councillor Dennis is probably understandable considering that the new company has done nothing yet to speak to local people or representatives about the plans, despite all three East Riding Ward Councillors declaring publicly that they wished to be kept informed of any developments proposed for the old aerodrome site.

Cllr John Dennis small
Cllr John Dennis

Hull City Council own the aerodrome land but the East Riding Council is responsible for dealing with any planning applications there. Councillor Dennis said, “Whilst Hull City Council can’t simply do what they want on they site they are a powerful organisation. I’m hopeful that the East Riding Council will dig their heels in and abide by previous planning decisions that have recommended the site is unsuitable for future development.”

Councillor Dennis also was also doubtful over claims that the 700 jobs created would go to local people, but instead he felt they would more likely benefit seasonal migrant workers.

The first personal reactions from Preston Parish Councillors at last night’s meeting also revealed concerns over the news. Councillor Barbara Mendham who represents Preston South said she was “horrified” at hearing the news, whilst Chair Councillor Janet Weatherill said she “would not want to see a continuous stream of industry from Hull to our boundary.”

The recent media announcements and early responses seem to indicate that the ‘phoney war’ over the potential development of the Hedon aerodrome site is over – and the real political battle is only just beginning!


7 thoughts on “Biomass Power Station and Eco Park for Hedon Aerodrome site?

  1. Why Hedon? Build it west of the city!!! There is plenty of land in Hull to build the the old COCO mill or JAMES RECKITT SITE. This on the river and cargo could be brought down by barge INSTEAD of more disruption to road transport.
    Then there ANOTHER GREEN BELT going under concrete. On this land there is a lot wild life and deer. If HCC keep building on green belts soon there won’t be any fields left around HULL.
    One last thing, One of the siwelcome signs into Hull reads WELCOME TO HULL THE GREENER CITY.

  2. Horrendous, it is about time we said enough of the industrial development o our door step.. How many power stations are there now.. The low thrumming noise heard all night is bad enough now, what would it be like with another “eco” power plant.. What is Eco about importing wood chip from Canada to burn here? How can it make economical sense !

  3. This is all very vague at the moment. Not much information on what is proposed, what the site will look like etc etc.
    It all looks very pie in the sky at the moment and I will reserve full judgement until a full planning application is submitted. But I must say that out of the various options available for this piece of land. The idea of an Eco site is probably the best. Being realistic something, at some point will get built on this land. The areas of none development around Hedon, Preston, Paull are on borrowed time.

    This perticuler plan, taking into consideration it’s nature, would be low level green housing. The actual power station would be of some height but nothing drastic. Not all of the fuel used in biomass is imported so it could hold opportunities for the local farmers to produce some of the fuel needed. The argument that most of the labour would be taken by migrant workers is pretty lame now. We have a minimum wage in this country so if your a hard worker and do not believe working in green houses is beneath you there Is job opportunities there for you. Seasonal or not.

    As an area we need to be very careful continuing with this blanket opposition to every development. As the A63 is upgraded East Holderness will become more accessible to both industry and people who want to move to the area. You can already see the green shoots of industry move further east towards Hedon. At some point, something will get passed and built in this area. I hope to live in this area for many years. I do not want to look back and remember the Eco park proposal as I watch the Shale Gas plant being built or the extension to The Yorkshire water treatment plant taking shape.

    I’m sure more applications will be discussed in the coming months.

  4. I’m pretty sure that the old aerodrome is in the Parish of Preston – you might wish to check that Hedon Council has all its “T”s crossed.

  5. What an eyesore to place on the road to, and so near to an historic town centre. What is eco friendly about a company which wants to destroy a pasture of wild life in order to erect a few gigantic bins on it; and furthermore proposes to bring foreign wood chips thousands of miles to burn over Hedon? “Fish farm” is a vague heading, what sort of fish? Expensive ornamental carp? fresh water fish for restocking rivers? or salmon to sell to restaurants throughout the UK? I too doubt 700 local jobs would be created – creative job counting might possibly include those required by the cargo ship owner, the road hauliers and the lumberjacks in Canada.

  6. It really is time for our Councillors to stand firm, they should be on look north and any other news media that will listen objecting to this proposal, I shall be watching carefully what happens over the next few weeks and months, and would suggest Hedon Council organise some sort of direct action committee in readiness for the onslaught of smarmy businessmen telling us how it will improve our community’s etc . May i remind you of the man from Yorkshire water who said, don’t worry there will be no smells, People of Hedon Paul Preston must stand together and stop this attack on our independence ,and the historic site of the old aerodrome.

  7. This is on the site called locally either Hedon Aerodrome where Amy Johnson once landed or Hedon Racecourse were there was a straight mile horse race course, a large green field separating the urban sprawl of Hull from Hedon and Preston, an separation and buffer zone we want to keep. This was first muted a few weeks ago with a Hull councillor attempting to divert attention from 600 jobs losses within the Hull council workforce by announcing 700 jobs on a site east of Hull. It would be interesting to note how many actual jobs will exist if the plan/construction is completed. The plans also include a data storage building. I hope as Cllr Dennis says that the ERYC abide by their previous planning decisions.

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