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Wednesday Writings – Creation’s song

Creation’s song by Peter Ainscough

The mountains rise in glory whilst the forests rest below,
They make a verdant contrast to the peaks dressed white with snow;
The oceans roar their greeting and the clouds respond with storm,
The wind roars out its orders just to make the waves conform;
Till they rise in spume-topped fury and race towards the shore,
Where they smash upon the rock falls, shake the cliffs right to the core.
And I heard this distant thunder and the way all nature sings
Of the spiritual beauty of such fine material things.
For the splendour and the greatness, the gentle and the strong,
Are the individual stanzas of the great Creator’s song.

We raced across the wave tops with our sails filled by the wind,
Like the seagulls soaring freely, knowing not where they will land.
Then we dived beneath the breakers to survey the coral scene,
Watching multicoloured fishes in their thousands past us stream.
We sat upon the beaches and we looked out from the shore
Whence we seemed to see a picture that we’d never seen before.
Where did the ocean come from? From where its myriad life?
Its quietness and its calmness, its storming and its strife?
It came from out of chaos, from the great Creator’s hand;
He poured out the mighty ocean before He made the land.

Then He raised the mountains skywards with a mighty wrenching reach,
So we’d recognise the lessons that He alone can teach;
And the tempests, rains and snowstorms still wear down the jagged peaks
As they wind and whistle past them – it’s as though creation speaks
Not in a voice of softness, but with a fearful scream,
Until there comes the silence and the peace which will redeem.
So we stand and look in wonder: now there sounds a softer song,
Sung by a gentler singer to wipe out all that’s wrong.
Now there’s peace lies on the snow face and gentle is the slope,
For the world of storm and violence has become a world of hope

Where a mother holds her baby as it suckles at her breast,
Newborn nature’s miracle lying quietly at rest.
The bonding of its parents, the statement of their love
Is the trinity of family like the Trinity above.
This fragile human being demanding human care,
From its parents finding peace and love and tenderness to share –
All these are part of nature, each has its part to play
In the statement of creation; their lives have much to say.
Whether mighty beating ocean, or jagged mountain peaks,
Or trees or flowers or people, through them all creation speaks
Of the mighty hand of Goodness, of the power of the Lord,
Of the judgement and destruction, the sentence and the sword;
Of the gently caring mercy and the all-embracing peace,
And the care of our Creator Whose Love will never cease.

Another inspirational poem by Peter Ainscough!

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