Good publicity for Hedon Community First Responders!

SOME GOOD PUBLICITY was gleaned yesterday about Hedon’s COMMUNITY FIRST RESPONDERS team….

Community First Responders Hull Daily Mail

SOME GOOD PUBLICITY was gleaned in yesterday’s Hull Mail about Community First Responders featuring our own Hedon team of unsung volunteer heroes!

The Hedon Community First Responders scheme sees volunteers from across the wider area being trained in essential life-saving skills by Yorkshire Ambulance Service. It involves local volunteers giving up a few hours of their time each week to be on call to attend emergency situations in Hedon and the surrounding villages.

When an emergency call is received by Yorkshire Ambulance Service an ambulance is despatched. At the same time a Community First Responder may be alerted to ensure that help reaches a patient as quickly as possible. The Responder will attend to critically ill patients usually at their homes who, typically, will have stopped breathing or have similar related medical problems. Responders do not attend traffic accidents or potentially dangerous situations.

This photograph was taken of some of the Hedon Responders at a recent public event at the Co-op in March 2013:

Gary Cousins, Ali Richardson, Trish Kilner, Tim Houlton, Caroline Lowden and Gareth Robert.
Gary Cousins, Ali Richardson, Trish Kilner, Tim Houlton, Caroline Lowden and Gareth Roberts

You can find out more about the Hedon Community First Responders team  – who cover Hedon, Paull, Preston and Thorngumbald – from Coordinator, Gordon Todd on mobile 07979 691 271 and more general information about Community First Responders from Yorkshire Ambulance Service at the website below.

Visit: www.communityresponders.yas.nhs.uk

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