parking Market HillIT WAS thinking caps on, at the last meeting of Hedon Town Council, when a broad ‘brainstorming’ exercise took place on measures to alleviate parking problems in the town.

The advice from Mike Bryan, the Chair of the Finance and General Purposes meeting, was for councillors to throw “all ideas into the pot” and consider anything that might help resolve some of the tricky parking issues in the town. 

The following are some of the issues raised for discussion. It was understood that any single measure might have knock on effects, so the aim was to work towards a raft of measures that could form a plan to tackle the growing problems of parking in Hedon town centre:

Parking collageThose working in businesses in the town centre tended to want to park there too. It was believed that 90% of town centre parking was taken up by workers. More had to be done to encourage them to park elsewhere.

  •  Restrictions on parking might help – suggestions made for two-hour limit on Market Hill and a three-hour limit at Johnson’s corner.
  • The car park at the old station was being used lots more, but usage needed to be improved. The East Riding Council should improve its whole appearance.
  • The two bays dedicated for ‘loading’ at Market Place, should be allocated as parking for those with disabilities.
  • More effective use of the Queen’s pub / Iveson Close car park would result if people did not park over the bay lines; this would maximise the spaces available. More enforcement needed. 

It was recognised that Johnson’s car park and parking at the big Co-op were used by many as all-day unofficial ‘park and ride’ sites.

  • A free or subsidised transport service could be put in place that would carry people into the town centre from parking areas outside the town . Whilst this might seem radical, the feasibility of such a service and its funding could be explored. The option should be between parking all day outside town, or for a limited time in the town centre.
  • Whilst doing everything it can to preserve the town’s green open spaces, the council should also identify tracts of land that might be available, or become available, for use as additional car-parking areas.

Parking restrictions at Market Hill would have to be the subject of formal consultation. Parking problems could be eased there if the staff car park at Church View Surgery could be extended and also offer facilities for Hedon Group Practice staff. Hedon Town Council should support any such development.

Hedon Town Council will explore the above issues in more detail and in particular will ask the East Riding Council for appropriate advice. The debate will continue and the council will discuss the issue again at the next Finance and General Purposes meeting.

Hedon Blog note: The above article is derived from notes taken while observing the Finance and General Purposes meeting on Thursday 25th April 2013 – it does not represent any official record of proceedings at Hedon Town Council. Official minutes of the meetings will become available on the Hedon Town Council website after being formally approved by councillors.

3 thoughts on “Council ‘brainstorming’ exercise on vehicle parking in Hedon

  1. Its certainly a difficult one, this is what happens when small towns are overdeveloped and services are not extended to meet the growing demands, market hill is a death trap and its only a matter of time before there’s a bad accident.
    I feel we need to look at moving the doctors surgeries to a purpose built medical center, as they have done in parts of Hull . Rosedale would make a good site for this.

    1. I agree with your sentiments entirely. A purpose-built medical centre is a fantastic idea on many levels and I agree totally with your death-trap comment.

  2. It’s refreshing to read about parking issues without a single mention of charging for the privildege. I have spoken to the Parking Enforcement Officer in Hedon on a number of occasions to give him my support and he told me that people in general welcome his presence as a deterrent as much an an enforcer. This is clearly a thorny issue and one that plays out across the UK. Maybe taking a look at what other councils have done to address the issue might help.
    With 90% of town centre parking taken up by workers maybe encouraging car-sharing would help reduce this number – another one for the pot there!
    Good luck.

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