Hedon Town Council Election 2013 Challengers-001

VOTING takes place today until 10pm this evening to elect a new Hedon Town Councillor.

You have a choice from two candidates: Labour’s Steve Gallant or Independent Sarah Rommell.

Note: You will have not received a voting card for this election and do not need one to vote.

The polling station is at the Hedon Methodist Church, Church Lane, Hedon which is open from 7am – 10pm.

Hedon Methodist Church

One thought on “It is ELECTION DAY for a new Hedon Town Councillor

  1. I hope people go and use their vote today in the Hedon Town Council election. Over 5,000 people are entitled to vote – and it would be good to get a high turnout of 20% or 1,000 people voting.

    Lots of people may be cynical that anything can be achieved by voting in a Town Council election – but we do not want to be known as a cynical town!

    Polling Station waiting for your vote today!

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