Hedon Blog Facebook Page bannerFACEBOOK quite often comes in for some stick – usually when individuals have abused the social networking site – but we have a ‘Good News’ story about Facebook.

On 2nd April 2013 a child lost – or had stolen – his scooter from outside a friend’s house on Poultney Garth. His mother Nikki posted an appeal on the Hedon Blog Facebook page for anyone with information about the scooter to get in touch, explaining that her son was very upset. Nikki said she doubted her appeal would do any good.

Amazingly, another Mum, Ashley, who had seen the Facebook appeal, responded when her children spotted the scooter a week later abandoned on Poultney Garth and was able to arrange its return. A simple story – but perhaps one of dozens of such stories that demonstrate the power of Facebook on a daily basis!

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Note: The Hedon Blog has always found Facebook a useful tool and the Hedon Blog Facebook has nearly 700 members involved in reading, contributing to, and sharing local news – however, we do recommend that people are aware of their privacy settings when using Facebook, and to be aware that those with criminal intent may also be using the social networking site!

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