Hedon Methodist Church Polling Station signHEDON TOWN COUNCILLORS quite often disagree on matters quite fiercely, but there is a common acceptance amongst existing members that they are ‘non-party political’; even those clearly identified as been members of a political party do not appear to act on party political lines on Hedon Town Council. During the recent campaign to elect the Humberside Police Commissioner,  a meeting called to hear one of the particular candidates resulted in several councillors walking out of a Town Council meeting in a non-political protest!

Rather than big differences on party lines, disagreement on Hedon Town Council seems to centre around each individual Councillor’s particular concerns.

But all that is set to be challenged if Labour’s Steve Gallant gets elected on Thursday 25th April 2013.

Steve Gallant leafletA campaign leaflet issued by local resident Steve Gallant clearly identifies him as the Labour candidate; the leaflet condemns the “untold damage” done by the “East Riding Council and Tory-led Coalition”.  It calls for a Labour vote on 25th April.

Mr Gallant in the leaflet points out that Hedon has grown enormously over the last 40 years and “needs to have a plan to grow”. He criticises the current Council for “opposing almost all developments”. Rather than blocking new development proposals for fear of flooding, he says that the town needs a “better drainage system.”

He draws attention to an East Riding Council threat to close village schools which could lead to local schools becoming overstretched. The “Bedroom Tax” he says will trap families into paying huge rent increases.

Whilst most of the leaflet concerns issues over which Hedon Town Council has no direct responsibility, Mr Gallant clearly thinks that Hedon Town Council should be doing more to influence the decisions of the East Riding Council.

With two Hedon Town Councillors being Conservative Councillors on the East Riding, and another Town Council and Ward Councillor being voraciously ‘non-political’ – the appearance of Mr Gallant’s leaflet means that the Hedon Town Council Election has suddenly become very interesting!

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The Labour leaflet distributed in parts of Hedon yesterday:

Vote Labour Stave Gallant Leaflet_001

Vote Labour Stave Gallant Leaflet_002

6 thoughts on “Labour’s Steve Gallant issues Town Council challenge

  1. Hi Steve, I have not commented on any of your previous posts as they in all fairness have been typical sabre rattling rhetoric designed to promote yourself and the wonders you will work. Unfortunately all of the issues you cover are not in any way relevant to the post of Town Councillor and whilst you can attempt to apply pressure regarding the issues you cover in the flyer you are totally misleading the residents as to what you can possibly achieve. I am active in many pressure campaigns against the austerity measures, cuts within the NHS and Bedroom Tax and I have not seen you at any meetings or protests or indeed even heard of you within these groups. To be blunt I believe that you are making false promises to a vulnerable electorate.

  2. So as usual with the labour party , no real answers …just criticisms of the current governments policy s,, didn’t some people come out and say this week you are a party of protest ,that has no policies to put forward. anyway we could argue all day about politics, my main point being your leaflet is not really relevant to town council decision making.

  3. I agree with Neil, having party affiliates running for local elections completely misses the point. Towing the party line does not work at local level. Having said that I do believe the council needs new blood and the blanket opposition to development in the area is a tad worrying. Lots of money being spent in Beverley and Withernsea. Nothing in Hedon.

  4. I have read tonight the campaign leaflet for Steve Gallant, which i feel is a tad misleading, this is an election for a local parish council, with really very little say or real power to change any of the issues covered in this leaflet.
    How will being a parish Councillor help stop bedroom tax???? i have questions Mr Gallant

    1 Should the labour party be elected at the next general election, will the newly elected government reverse the bedroom tax policy.

    2 Will they continue to subsidise the insurance companies so people in flood risk areas can get affordable insurance, if not what is there policy?

    3 How will our small town handle all these new developments you talk about, the doctors are struggling now, will there be plans for a new medical center?

    4 I feel this leaflet is for a candidate who is a prospective mp or ERY Councillor rather than the main issues that the Hedon council deal with, Do you intend to run for further public office roles in the future if so how will this effect your role on the Hedon town council.

    I say to you we need someone who is involved with the local community , who lives like ordinary folk live, who understands what its like to run out of gas and not be able to heat your home, knows what a pain it is to get parked on market hill because the doctors are overrun with patients, sees the dog dirt left outside there houses, and most importantly knows what local ordinary people are really concerned about in there local area, not some labour party candidate who is forced to adhere to party policy,who considers there role on the council as a stepping stone on there political career , which is what this leaflet says to me.

    When does Sarah get her chance to talk ??? can she afford a fancy leaflet???Raymondo, maybe you could help and talk with our local candidate and see what her aims are, This is all so onesided at the moment.

    Having said all that i do agree about the bedroom tax, but feel it has little to do with the issues of a small parish council.

    1. Neil, I have written to both candidates with an offer to include an election statement on the Blog.

      The intention is to provide opportunities to both candidates, Steve Gallant and Sarah Rommell, to present their campaign for election to our unique online and local audience.

      Another aim is to try to spread the word and publicise the fact that an election is actually taking place at all – the majority of residents at this stage don’t know it’s happening!

      Finally, the interactive nature of the Blog does give a chance for people to ask questions and join the conversation – and for that Neil I thank you.

    2. Neil, I’m glad you think my leaflet looks professional. Just as I would do a professional job in representing people in Hedon.

      You like independent candiates. Fair enough. My issue with independent candidates is you dont quite know what you’re getting. No fewer than 4 of the current council stand as independents, but are declared members of the Conservative Party.!

      Development – I agree Hedon needs better services for the future, the problem has been all the housing built over the last 30/40 years hasnt been done in conjunction with sufficient investment in shops.parking, medical and other services. Which is why we have had a clogged town centre and flooding.

      Flood Insurance -The urgency is NOW. The current arrangement runs out in June and the current Govt have yet to agree how cover will be maintained. Unless they do, from June many families may find it hard, or very expensive to get home insurance. I wouldnt advocate any government should subsidise insurance companies !

      Bedroom Tax – We agree its iniquitous and should be reversed. I’m sure it will be a top priority ( along with a raft of other issues ) that an incoming Labour Government would want to address. The issue is going to be “where to start ?” because as the economy stagnates year after year the debt is climbing every day.

      What I would like to do is prove myself worthy by doing a great job of making a contribution as part of the Town Council. If I can do that, then maybe in the future I could reperesent Hedon on the East Riding council as three of our current Town councillors do, but one step at a time !.

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