The Town Hall was built in 1693.
Hedon Town Hall

SUNDAY 2nd JUNE 2013 is the 60th Anniversary of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

The event looks set to be marked in Hedon by an open day at Hedon Town Hall, which itself is celebrating an anniversary! Having been built in 1693 the Town Hall is 320 years old this year!

Hedon Town Council hopes that local residents can get involved in celebrating Coronation Day, particularly by contributing to an exhibition of memorabilia that can be displayed on the day. So if you have photos of street parties or any other commemorative artefacts from 2nd June 1953 that you might wish to see exhibited for the day, then get in touch with Hedon Town Council.

The Hedon Blog has already asked for your reminiscences about where you were on Coronation Day? – and several people have shared some memories with us. The Blog will publish these on Coronation Day and perhaps do printed versions as a contribution to the exhibition?


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