Local Plan - Hedon Haven and SaltendTHE DRAFT local plan (allocations document) identifies land at the Hedon Haven  – in the plan referred to as HAV1 (Enterprise Zone) and HAV2 – as a key employment site.

“The Employment Land Review identifies the need for a significant amount of land to be allocated at Hedon Haven. This will ensure that the East Riding is able to maximise the opportunities that are likely to be presented in port related sectors over the plan period. Therefore, Hedon Haven has been identified as a Key Employment Site in the Strategy Document . In total, 240ha of land is allocated here for port related employment uses, which includes the 80ha that is designated as part of the Enterprise Zone.” – East Riding Key Employment sites Draft Local Plan.

The document then depicts a What you told us… box, implying that previous consultation that has taken place, which amongst other statements includes:“Hedon Haven could have an important role in supporting and diversifying the economy of the East Riding.”  The document then goes on to describe the draft policies pertaining to the entire 240ha Hedon Haven site.

At its meeting on Thursday (28th February), Hedon Town Councillors were quick to point out that they never told the East Riding Council anything relating to the wider Hedon Haven site; they have only ever been party to discussions relating to HAV1 (the Enterprise Zone), the 160ha HAV2 site has never been the subject of formal discussion until now!

While there was a prevailing acceptance amongst councillors that the Humber Enterprise Zone was set in stone, there were still many concerns about proposals to develop the HAV2 Hedon Haven land.

The Town Council has previously made its opposition clear to any moves to close the gap between historic Hedon and its eastern neighbour Kingston upon Hull. The council now looks set to object to those parts of the Plan that may bring unwelcome developments closer to Hedon’s boundaries. Objections will be made to those aspects likely to be the cause of greater flooding risk, increased traffic, increased noise and pollution in the town, and lead to the loss of green open space.

The Council also welcomed the fact that the Saltend sites, listed in the Plan as SEND 1 – 5, had been rejected as development sites by the East Riding Council. Any reversal of that decision would be robustly opposed by Hedon Town Council.

Notes: 240 hectares = 593 acres (1 hectare = 2.47 acres).

Visit: Hedon Haven – Draft Allocations and Draft Policies Map (ERYC web portal version) 

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