Souttergate 20mph ZoneSOUTTERGATE is to be made into a 20mph zone for traffic.

The Road Traffic Regulation Order will prohibit vehicles from travelling in excess of 20 miles per hour on Souttergate.

The 20mph zone is likely to be welcomed by residents on Souttergate who in the past have complained of heavy goods and other vehicles travelling at high-speed down Souttergate.

Any objections to the proposed Order, stating the grounds for objection, should be e-mailed to or sent in writing to The Head of Legal & Democratic Services, The Directorate of Corporate Resources (MG/71431), County Hall, Beverley by the 21st March 2013.

6 thoughts on “Souttergate, Hedon – 20mph Speed Limit Zone

  1. Well it’s now late June and as a resident of the ‘town’ end of Souttergate I’ve not noticed this speed limit being either adhered to or enforced. James is right, between 6 and 10pm every other driver puts their foot down immediately they leave Market Place. These idiots must be doing 30 by the time they reach my house and still accelerating (very noisy not to mention dangerous). And yet there is no 20 sign that I can see, no speed cameras and no traffic officers. So what’s the point in having a lower limit?

    1. actually i was talking to someone not long ago about these 20 zones , and i dont think they are enforceable, and even in other areas were they are i dont ever see anyone enforcing them, but remember this if you hit someone and your doing over the 20 expect to go to jail for dangerous driving .

  2. Good news but there are many other areas of Hedon whos residence deserve equal protection Sherrifs highway for a start a long straight stretch where i have even seen buses traveling at dubious speeds. What would be the problem making the whole of Hedon 20 MPH ?. It wouldnt significantly increase anyones journey times or cause any congestion.

    1. Well said Graham, I come under “other places in Hedon” category that deserve equal protection,ie Inmans Estate, but unfortunately the suggestion to increase 20 MPH zones around the town would only be of minimal benifit due to non-enforcement by the Police.
      It would only be benificial by caring motorists sticking to the suggested speed limits,something which would rarely happen if practices on other roads in and around the town are a guideline
      20 MPH speed limits are not enforced under ACPO (Association Chief Police Officers),The reason for the ACPO guidelines are is that 20 MPH speed limits should have road engineering in place in order that traffic finds it difficult to actually travel at more than 20MPH. Does that mean Speed Bumps?
      Regards Jim Uney.

  3. About time!

    Its one of the reasons that we moved from Souttergate, it was mad, just like a racetrack, particularly early to mid evening.

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