Hedon Vision Statement
Hedon Vision Statement – Port of Hull expansion

THE DRAFT LOCAL PLAN identifies a 160 hectare site (395 acres) to the West of Hedon that has been designated as employment development land. The East Riding Council vision for this land (see inset) is to see it developed to support the expansion of the Port of Hull, capitalising on the emerging renewables industry sector.

Hedon Town Council at its Planning Committee meeting last night expressed its concerns at comments in the planning strategy documents that seemed to suggest that consultation had taken place (between Hedon and the East Riding Councils) over the development of the Hedon Haven land (referred to as HAV2 in the planning documents). It was made very clear by Town councillors that no such consultation had taken place and they maintain their opposition to proposals to “close the gap” between Hedon and Hull.

Potential development of the Hedon Haven site (which is in Paull parish), and possible related developments that might expand the area around the Saltend Chemicals Park, will impact upon neighbouring parishes. In particular, councillors argued at the meeting last night, any new developments at the Hedon Haven and Saltend could increase the flood risk to the whole area served by the Burstwick level drainage system.

In response to the similar concerns faced by Hedon, Paull, Preston and Thorngumbald, the Town Council is to seek common cause with its neighbouring Parish Councils.

The Town Council has until the 5th April 2013 to respond to the consultation on the Draft Local Plan. They will do so following meetings with Paull, Preston and Thorngumbald Parish Councils.

NOTES: The documents, plans and maps relating to the consultation on the Draft Local Plan will be available to view at Hedon Library between Thursday 21st February – Wednesday 27th February 2013. A Drop-in session to speak to an officer about the draft Local Plan will take place at the Library on Tuesday 26th February from 2pm – 7pm.

HAV2 should not be confused with the 80ha Paull enterprise site which is part of the Humber Enterprise Zone and is referred to as HAV1 in the planning documents.

Read more at HU12 Online – Local Plan.

One thought on “Local Plan: Hedon Town Council to seek common cause with parish neighbours

  1. Just by way of clarification Ray, the southern half of the 160 hectare site is in Paull Parish, the northern half is in Preston.
    ERYC Planning Officers have called a meeting in Hedon for next Thursday evening to which representatives of Hedon, Thorngumbald, Paull and Preston Councils have been invited. The Town Clerk has invited the various village representatives to come to a short meeting at the Town Hall at 6pm, in advance of the ERYC one, so we can exchange views etc.

    John Dennis (Cllr.)
    Chair of Planning, Hedon Town Council
    ERYC Ward Member for SWHolderness

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