JIM UNEY from Inmans sent us this in light of our impending 4th Birthday on 5th February 2013:


hedon-blog-logo-glenn-002On learning of your news regarding the 4th anniversary of Hedon Blog’s existence, I felt that I had to write in to say that I welcome the opportunity to congratulate you on the efficient layout and entertaining content of the Blog and look forward hopefully, to take advantage of the Blog’s Success by continuing postings on a number of varied subjects in the future.

Through a relative of mine being at Sunderland University studying journalism, I have learned that a student of journalism doing his dissertation about two years ago, took ‘The Hedon Blog’ as his subject and made such a success of it that it was online in later years for other students to study as such a good example. He ran a local blog site later, which he sold to a publishing company it was that good!

I hope that you get some satisfaction that probably you helped somebody get started in a career in media and technology reporting, through the publication of Hedon Blog, and hope that the Blog continues to be the benchmark for other sites.”

On improving what the Blog does, Jim says:

“Under your category, “Where we could improve things” may I suggest that the small and washed out font sizes are discontinued on account of incompatibility for ‘crumblies’ (Jim’s endearing term for older people – he himself is 82! – Ed). Yes I know how to enlarge display size but it remains a pain at times! Unless of course, increasing font sizes enlarges the Mega Byte totals to unacceptable levels, something which I know now’t about!

In the category “what can we do in 2013 to boost readership amongst Hedon Townsfolk?”…

With it being Sixty years since HM, The Queen’s Coronation in June of this year, probably some older Bloggers could tell of their whereabouts on the day and how did they celebrate, if at all.”

Congratulations, Kind Regards, Jim Uney

Thanks for the nice comments, Jim! Hedon Bloggers will have to buy larger hats now to cover that extra head space! 🙂

  1. We’ll bring you a bit more about that ‘student of journalism’ next week!
  2. And what do other readers think about our font size (can you read the text clearly)?
  3. A “Where were you on the 2nd June 1953 – the Queen’s Coronation?” feature is a great idea!

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